World Youth Chess Championship 2017: Round 5 Print
Friday, 22 September 2017 13:45

World Youth Chess Championship: Round 5

We have reached the halfway point of the World Youth Chess Championship that is being held in Montevideo, Uruguay. A free day splits the tournament in two. On Friday we play the last double round of the event, in order to continue with single rounds until the end of the schedule. We also attach some pictures of the activities that took place on the free day.

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In the Open Under 18, the tournament is even more equal, with a shared lead between IM Alexandr Triapishko, IM Luca Moroni, FM Venkataraman Karthik, IM Florian Mesaros and IM Sebastian Mihajlov with 4 out of the 5 points in dispute.

In the Girls Under 18, the scenario is also unclear. The leaders are Yao Lan, FM Avramidou Anastasia, WIM Puertorriqueña Danitza Vázquez, WFM Teodora Injac and WIM Laura Unuk all with 4 points.

In the Open Under 16, those on top are George Stoleriu from Romania and FM Gonzalo Quirhuayo from Peru.

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In the Girls Under 16, main favourite WIM Polina Shuvalova lost her direct encounter with WIM Annie Wang, making the American the sole leader of the tournament. She is followed by Russia’s Aleksandra Maltsevaskaya, with half a point less.

In the Open Under 14, FM Batsuren Dambasuren from Mongolia is clear first with 100%, with two competitors trailing by half a point. In the Girls Under 14, from the seven players that were sharing the first place, only WCM Jyothsna L (India) and FM Salimova Nurgyul (Bulgaria) stay on top.

Official tournament website

World Youth Chess Championship Montevideo 2017: Rounds 2 & 3

On 18th of September, a two rounds were played in the World Youth Chess Championship in Montevideo, Uruguay. There were plenty of fights in every game.

Until this moment many of the favourites have are doing well. However, there have also been a few surprises, mainly in the upper categories (under 18 for example, where many games have already been drawn). This makes it difficult yetto see clear candidates to win the title.

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In the Open Under-18, the leader is Argentinian IM Pablo Acosta, who has scored 100%, followed by 9 players who have got half a point less, among whom is 2nd favourite, IM Alexandr Triapishko.

In the Girls Under-18, the top of the table is WIM Sakshi Chitlange, from India, with 3 points, trailed by half a point by 7 players.

In the Open Under-16, the main favorite, Russian FM Andrey Esipenko (2540) has 100%, but shares the lead with FM Artem Karpenko (Russia), FM Guha Mitrabha (India) and George Stoleriu (Romania).

In the Girls Under-16, the two favourites (both from Russian), WIM Polina Shuvalova and Aleksandra Maltsevskaya have won their first three games, as have FM Gabriela Antova (Bulgaria), WIM Annie Wang, and Sophie Morris-Suzuki (the last two from the USA).

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In the Open Under-14, after the three first rounds the ones who are on top are Daniel Kopylov from Germany, Alexander Costello from the USA, and FM’s Batsuren Dambasuren from Mongolia and Dominik Horvath from Austria.

In the Girls under-14, five players share the first place: WFM Jishitha D (India), WCM Jyothsna L (India), FM Salimova Nurgyul (Bulgaria), WCM Mrudul Dehankar (India) y WFM Nurgali Nazerke (Kazakhstan).

The event continues today at 3 pm (-3 GMT) Montevideo time, with round 4.

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Official tournament website

World Youth Chess Championship 2017: Round 1

After the opening ceremony, which took place on Saturday 16th of September, yesterday the World Youth Chess Championship started in Montevideo, Uruguay. It will last until the 26th of September.

Two playing rooms are being used, one with most of the boards in the Ball Room of Sheraton Hotel, and the other on the 25th floor, where the first 6 boards of each category are broadcast on the Internet. Overall, more than 400 players from around the world are taking part in the competition.

In the first round, there were some setbacks for the top players. In the Under 14, the most spectacular result was achieved by the Ecuatorian Juan Wong (1728) who defeated Kazybek Nogerbek (2358), seeded number 4. In the Under 18, Dmitrij Kollars (2500) drew with Mauro Sica (2178), Alexander Triapishko (2500) drew with Kundu Kaustuv (2176) y José Martínez Alcántara (2462) couldn't beat Xaver Dill (2162), among other results. In the same way, favorite of the Under 18 Girls Alexandra Obolentseva (2364) was held by Jasmin-Denise Schloffer (1993).

The tournament continues today 9:30 hs (-3 GMT) Montevideo hour, with round two.

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