Miraculous draw in 2nd game Print
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 07:34


Kosteniuk preserves lead


In the second game of the final, Kosteniuk played against a French defense with Nd2 and the game developed along the usual lines.


When Hou Yifan started an adventurous attempt with h5, Kosteniuk increased pressure on her opponent and got a better position. Then Hou exchanged Queens and some other figures which, however, increased White`s advantage. In the continuation, Kosteniuk missed the 39. Nf5 possibility which could have probably secured the party for herself.


In a Rook endgame, the Chinese girl`s only hope was a passed pawn on the e-file and she managed the game accordingly. Despite the fact that Kosteniuk had three more pawns, the game finished with perpetual checks in draw.

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