Opening Press Conference of the World Chess Championship Print
Monday, 13 October 2008 01:15

Exactly 48 hours before the opening move of the World Chess Championship 2008 Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik were present at the today's press conference.

Both players were in a very good mood. They both informed the journalists that they are ready to play the match, after so many months of preparations they are happy to finally start it. The team members were also announced by each player: 

Anand (4 seconds): 
Peter Heine Nielsen (Denmark), Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Uzbekistan),  Radoslav Wojtaszek (Polen) and Surya Shekhar Ganguly (India). 
Kramnik (3 seconds): 
Peter Leko (Hungary),  Sergey Rublevskyi (Russia) and Laurent Fressinet (France).

Mr. Josef Resch, president of UEP and match director, greeted the guests of the match, presenting them the general information on UEP company, stressing his willingness to organize chess competitions on the high level. He thanked the main sponsors Evonik Industries and Gazprom, and he thanked the World Chess Federation, mentioning great contribution that was appreciated very much. Mr. Resch expressed his gratitude to Mr. Peer Steinbrück, the Minister of Finance of Germany, who is the patron of this event. A great help and assistance made by the City of Bonn, Art and Exhibition Hall, German Chess Federation and the team of UEP was also appreciated.

Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, FIDE Deputy President, expressed his personal impression as well as an belief of the World Chess Federation that there will be one of the greatest competition in the chess history. There is everything to achieve this: wonderful city was chosen for the match, cultural place to play it, high level organization, respected sponsors, and finally two of the best players of  the history. All facilities and preparations to the match were carefully checked before the match starts. FIDE is fully satisfied with the organization. Mr. Makropoulos also mentioned that he is more than sure that the match will pass in a friendly atmosphere and wished to both participants good luck.

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