Spectator Vantage Point: Anand-Kramnik Round 4 Print
Sunday, 19 October 2008 07:00
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by Lakhdar Mazouz, FIDE Press Officer

The sun is beautifully shining in Bonn today. Autumnal colours, Mediterranean temperature, everything is set for a nice round between Anand and Kramnik.
What will await the Chess community in this fourth round? Another exceptional and terribly emotional game? Or a quiet one thus permitting the players to recover from the emotions and the enormous energy and efforts that they experienced yesterday? 

The answer lies maybe more with the reaction of Kramnik. Will he go for a risky variation or settle for a serene draw?

Long before the game started, the playing hall was particularly packed with spectators. In fact, all tickets were sold, something like 400. A big success.

Today it was Kramnik who showed up first, 2 minutes before 3 o’clock, the official starting time. He came with long paces, managing to give a shy smile to Hal Bond, one of the arbiters. He looked a bit strained, surely because of yesterday’s defeat, but showed also determination. He was followed within a minute by Anand, who used another entrance to the stage. Anand gave the impression of being self-confident. 

They both went to their rest rooms to be scanned as per the regulations. 

Anand opened again with 1.d4, provoking Kramnik in his own territory. This shows the good preparation he underwent for this match and his large knowledge of chess. 

The game ended with a draw but not without a serious fight.

Anand leads with 2 and ½ to 1 and ½  for Kramnik, after 4 games.
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