Spectator Vantage Point: Anand-Kramnik Round 5 Print
Monday, 20 October 2008 18:01

by Lakhdar Mazouz, FIDE Press Officer

The World Chess Championship is getting a lot of coverage by the press in Germany. For instance, two of the biggest national newspaper; Die Welt and the Frankfurter Allgemeine are reporting after every round. The latter newspaper devoted even twice 1 half page with a huge photo of the players on the stage.

Tomorrow the MDR TV channel will show at the prime time a report on the match, also with an interview of Mr. W. Stubenvoll, one of the arbiters.
This proves the vast interest shown hier for Chess in general and for the World Championship, in particular.

Yesterday was a day off. Was this day an opportunity for Kramnik and his team to prepare some new strategy, after he failed, with white, to have any advantage? In fact everything is now in his own hands to undertake whatever possible to equalize with Anand. Will he dare? Will he take the initiative today?

Kramnik is facing a total different situation: we remember that twice before, when he competed for the World Crown, each time he was already leading at the beginning of the match. Is he prepared, psychologically and emotionally to tackle this situation? In any case, as he said it during the last press conference, he is not bothered being one point behind.

Today, the players came almost at the same time in the playing hall. Anand was the first to take place on the stage, as if he were impatient to start the game.

Kramnik choose the same variation as in round 3 which he lost. But in move 15, Anand surprised him by playing Rg8.  From then on, Kramnik started to take a lot of time to play his moves. But he could not, as he himself said it, find ways to take any advantage. 

The game ended with a win for Anand. A shock to Kramnik. 

Anand leads by 3 and ½ to 1 and ½.
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