Spectator Vantage Point: Anand-Kramnik Round 6 Print
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 03:29
anand pensive

by Lakhdar Mazouz, FIDE Press Officer, photo by Torsten Behl, Official Photographer 

Today, both players turned up relatively early in the playing room. Anand came some 12 minutes before the round began, whereas Kramnik hurried to his rest room 8 minutes later.

At almost 3 o’clock, Anand took his place at the table, followed shortly afterwards by Kramnik, each one using a different entrance to the playing hall. 

The Indian Champion looked relaxed, determined and eager to start the game. Kramnik, on the other, seemed deep in thoughts, as though his mind was still focused on the terrible blow of round 5 

Each one of them went through the routine of writing his name on the score sheet and arranging the pieces on the board. 
As guest of honor, Ex Champion A. Karpov had the privilege to make the first move. Anand choose again 1-d4, as predicted by many GM present in Bonn, thus staying loyal to his strategy since the beginning of the match and avoiding any surprise prepared by Kramnik and his team if he opened with 1-e4. 

Karpov was surrounded by chess enthusiasts wherever he went, giving there and then autographs and answering questions about the current World Championship.

At the VIP room, GM K Bischof, from Germany analyzed and commented the game, move after move. To the joy of those present, Karpov did also discuss and give his opinion on the progress of the fight. 

The game ended with another win for Anand. A devastating shock to Kramnik who lies now with 3 points behind. Is the match already over? When asked, Kramnik declared that he will fight and do his utmost to play as best he can. But will it be enough to threaten the lead enjoyed by Anand, who is in an extraordinary form and who showing the skill to tackle any kind of situation.

Half way the match, the reigning Champion is leading by 4 and 1/2 to 1 and ½. 
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