Spectator Vantage Point: Anand-Kramnik Round 7 Print
Friday, 24 October 2008 03:54

by Lakhdar Mazouz, FIDE Press Officer, photo by Torsten Behl, Official Photographer

Tragedy, hopeless situation, a death condemnation, a disaster to Kramnik, these were some of the words used by the Press after Game six lost by the challenger. No one understands how and why this could ever happen at this very top level Competition. People were expecting a tight fight, a narrow result between these two talented players. Yet, after only 6 games, Anand has widened the gap between him and Kramnik to 3 points. Is the Challenger facing an impossible task to reverse the situation and come somehow back in the Match? Kramnik will need a miracle. His task is very difficult in fact for the following main reasons: Anand is demonstrating his deep knowledge of the game, his perfect preparation and above all he is showing an extraordinary form. The odds are agains Kramnik. 

Kramnik seems to have played below his true possibilities. Will he gather stamina and demonstrate his knowledge and capabilities after the day off.

Kramnik appeared first in the playing hall some 10 minutes before the game started. He was followed  shortly after by Anand, who was as usual accompanied by his wife.

Anand looked relaxed, calm and very determined. Kramnik seemed unperturbed and resolute.

The reigning Champion was once more loyal to his strategy and he played 1-d4.

According to GM A. Youssoupov, normally the players will settle for  a quiet variation leading to a draw because for Anand a draw will put him closer  to winning the match and for Kramnik to stop the series of losses. 

In the VIP room, Mrs Dieckmann, mayor of Bonn, looked very interested by the progression of the game. A. Youssoupov commented very thouroughly every move to the delight of all those present.

Kramnik offered a draw after completing his move 21. After a long time Anand refused the offer, saying at the press conference that he wanted to see how the game will develop. 

The game finished with a draw nevertheless. 

Anand Leads with 5 points to 2 after game 7       
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