Lakhdar Mazouz on Anand-Kramnk Round 8 Print
Saturday, 25 October 2008 10:43


By Lakhdar Mazouz, FIDE Press Officer, photo by Torstein Behl, Official Photographer

A bookshop devoted only to Chess has been set up in the Art and Exhibition Museum in Bonn, where the Match for the World Championship is taking place. Situated next to the Press Conference room, it is well visited every day since it opened at the beginning of the Competition. Thousands of books (more than 600 titles) are on sale. Not surprisingly, the bestsellers are the books of the reigning Champion and his Challenger. “My best Games” by Anand is already sold out whereas “My life and Games “of Kramnik is also much sought.

In the bookshop visitors can also find numerous chess material such as many brands of clocks, boards, chess pieces, software etc...

The bookshop is experiencing a staggering success. Another sign of the amazing interest for Chess shown here in Bonn.

For round 8, the tickets were again sold out. The playing hall was crowded, there were even people standing to watch the Game.

More journalists, TV cameramen, press agencies reporters gathered at the stage waiting for the players to come.

Today, the guest of honors was Mr. P. Steinbrueck, Finance Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, very much known as a chess lover. He had the privilege to make the first move for Kramnik.

Kramnik choose once more 1-d4. From the beginning, “Schredder engine” was showing equal position. For GM Bishof, “es war nicht viel loss” meaning there was nothing special happening regarding the game.

Mr. P. Steinbrueck stayed some time in the playing hall, concentrated on the progress of the game. In the VIP room, he continued to follow the competition while GM Bishof was analyzing the position after each move and explaining different variations.

The game ended with a draw, in fact a bitter draw for KramniK which reduces his chances to gain the title to a very thin probability. On the other hand, Anand must be pleased with today’s result as he edges slowly to victory.

Anand is leading now with 5 and ½ to 2 and ½, just a single point from winning the crown.    

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