Lakhdar Mazouz on Anand-Kramnik Round 11 Print
Thursday, 30 October 2008 03:30

anand champion

by Lakhdar Mazouz, FIDE Press Officer

The World Championship is over. Anand is the proud and undisputed World Champion. Today he needed just half point to retain the Title. This magic half a point, he got it without any particular difficulty, sure of his strength.

The surprise came when he played 1-e4 for the first time in the Match. Probably he did not want to start again with 1-d4 in order to avoid any complications prepared by his opponent and his team. He proved once again that he is at ease only when he dictates the way to go and not just react as a passive protagonist happy with the “wait and see” strategy.

In fact, the Match was won already by Anand in its first half. He could manage to widen his lead to 3 points ahead of Kramnik. A gap too big for Kramnik to fill. Not that the challenger did not try, the truth is that he tried very hard in the second half of the Competition, he played as best he could and he even succeeded by winning game 10. It was however too late. The Title was within the reach of Anand, he would not let anyone come near to it.

Congratulations must go both players. They competed strongly and fairly, they brought excitement and emotions, they deserve the gratitude and the appreciation of Chess lovers all over the Word.

There is no question about the success of This World Championship. It was really a great achievement whatever is considered: Organization that was competent and resourceful, media coverage unheard of before, passionate and connoisseur public, supportive Authorities, best conditions the players. Everything was made possible for a great Event. It will be remembered for many years to come.

Minutes after the game ended, Anand and Kramnik received their trophy under long applause of the public who appeared very sorry to see this wonderful Championship coming to an end.

Click here for the statement of the World Championship Organisers

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