Topalov wins convincingly Game 5 Print
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 00:00
Kamsky couldn't stand the pressure


Game 5 was expected with great interest. Everyone was curious how would Topalov act after his first defeat ever against Kamsky. Veslin came for the game utterly concentrated and had very determined appearance. That was confirmed by his opening move 1.ะต4. Experts were surprised by Kamsky's reply 1...e6. It's unlikely that Topalov and his team expected at all French Defense. After some consideration, Veslin chose a tranquil line, but with many strategic traps for Black to avoid. White manoeuvred, persistently looking for a way to breach Black defense. Initially Topalov attacked the isolated central pawn on 'd5', combining that with activity on the kingside. For a long time Kamsky defended from all threats but the hard efforts had their cost. Shortly before the time control he made a mistake which left him a pawn down. Topalov's position was technically winning and he converted his advantage into a full point on move 55.

Veselin Topalov said at the press conference after his win: 'I had slight advantage after the opening and managed to increase it after the dark-squared Bishops were changed. Kept on pressing and Gata committed an error.'

Gata Kamsky was brief: 'All that Veselin said is correct and I completely agree with him.'

To the question by the Russian chess reporter from 'Sport-Express' Yury Vasiliev if he has others such mistakes in his career, Gata Kamsky answered: 'In game 2 in Sofia, lost by me, I also made a grave error. I missed the tactics on f4. Today I completely forgot about 37.Rxd4.'