FIDE Trainers' Commission 1st Tele-Meeting (09.04.2009) Minutes & Decisions Print
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 06:24

During the FIDE Presidential Council which took place in March 2009 in Istanbul, IGM & FST Adrian Mikhalchishin was appointed by FIDE's President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Chairman of the FIDE Trainers Commission, replacing IGM & FST Yuri Razuvaev (see Info – 01-TRG-Chairman Duty).

Mr. Adrian Mikhalchishin selected and formed by his turn and by the laws of FIDE (see Info – 02-TRG-FIDE Commissions and Committees), a Five-Members Council of the FIDE Trainers Commission and a Eight-Councillors Body which will act as Advisors of the Council (see Board Members – 03-TRG-Council & Councillors Members):


1. Chairman: Mikhalchishin, Adrian (Slovenia)
2. Secretary: Grivas, Efstratios (Greece)
3. Member: Boensch, Uwe (Germany)
4. Member: Khodarkovsky, Michael (United States of America)
5. Member: Long, Peter (Malaysia)


1. Honorary Chairman: Razuvaev, Yuri (Russia)
2. Councillor: Bosch, Jeroen (Netherlands)
3. Councillor: Bykhovsky, Anatoly (Russia)
4. Councillor: Garcia, Silvino (Cuba)
5. Councillor: Gurevich, Mikhail (Turkey)
6. Councillor: Illescas, Miguel (Spain)
7. Councillor: Petrosian, Arshak (Armenia)
8. Councillor: Sundar, D.V. (India)
9. Councillor: Ye, Jiangchuan (China)

It must be mentioned that it is the wish of all members and people involved in the Trainers' Commission that a ninth person will be included in the Advisory Council; IGM & FST, ex-Chairman Yuri Razuvaev, as a Honorary President of this panel.

The new FIDE Trainers' Commission Council met by Tele-Meeting and decided on the following matters:

1. Plan for 2009-2010: The Council worked out a plan concerning the years 2009-2010. The results can be seen in the Chairman's letter, published in TRG Website (see previous post )– 04-TRG-Chairman Info).

2. Revised History: The Council expanded and renewed TRG short history and description. The result can be seen in TRG Website (see History– 05-TRG-History).

3. Information & Resource Centre:
The Council decided that a TRG Website should be created for this purpose. This Website will operate in The Council appointed as Webmaster Mr. Peter Long and decided that official uploads will be approved beforehand by either the Chairman or the Secretary.

4. Annual Budget: The Council decided on the proposed Annual Budget for 2009 (see Info – 06-TRG-Budget 2009). The most important decisions concerning the budget are the Seminar/Academies Syllabus (coordinator Mr. Efstratios Grivas) and the Antalya Seminar. The Council must create a unified Academies operation system in the near future.

5. FIDE Trainer Awards:
The Council created an annual FIDE Trainer Awards system, which is described in the relative announcement (see Hall of Fame – 07-TRG-FIDE Trainer Awards). The relative file will be uploaded in TRG Website and also in FIDE Website. The Council appointed Mr. Michael Khodarkovsky to run the subject in the public relation field and to submit proposals in the next meeting.

6. FIDE Trainers Seminars: The Council decided on a unified draft Seminars' guide which is described in three relative papers (see FIDE Trainer System – 08-TRG-How to Organize a Seminar / 09-TRG-International Course for FIDE - Details - Draft / 10-TRG-International Course for FIDE - Program - Draft). All the files will be uploaded in the website.

7. Titles: The Council worked on the archives of FIDE Trainers Titles and created a description. Then it decided on the Teachers that are allowed to operate a FIDE Trainers Seminar and finally it renewed the official list of title holders (see Trainer Database – 11-TRG-Titles Description / 12-TRG-Teachers / 13-TRG-Title Holders). All the files will be uploaded in the website.

8. Academies' Info: The Council decided to upload info about the Academies on the Website. Mr. Peter Long will be responsible for the subject.

9. Future Trainers' Seminars:
The Council was informed about:

a. The potential FIDE Trainers' Seminars in Berlin, Germany (June, 25-30) and in Switzerland (August, 7-12), by the Berlin Academy. The Council approves those two seminars on information grounds and will wait for the official program and details, in order to approve them officially.

b. The potential FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq (31.04-06.05.2009) will be approved when official details come and the proposal for FST to run it, are (in order): Georg Mohr, Vladimir Tukmakov, Alexander Beliavsky and Adrian Mikhalchishin. The Council nominated the Chairman to run the project by his decisions (see Regional Academies – 14-TRG-Iraq Seminar 1&2).

It is reminded that the Academies should contact and cooperate with Webmaster Mr. Peter Long, as early as it is possible, in order to create the needed publicity for their Seminars.

10. New Academy:
The Council received the application if the new Academy based in Spain and called EDAMI. The Academy will be supervised by IGM and FST Miguel Illescas. The Council decided to suggest tot the PB to accept it as a nominated FIDE Academy, added to the existing three (see Regional Academies – 15-TRG-Edami Academy 1&2&3).

11. Future Themes: The Council will have to prepare and discuss in its next meeting the unified Seminar/Academies Syllabus, the need of Trainers' Titles worldwide (proposals) and the full Seminars' program for 2009-2010.

All the Council's decisions/proposals will come in force after the next Presidential Council's approval.

Signed by:

The Chairman Adrian Mikhailchisin
The Secretary Efstratios Grivas
Member Uwe Boensch
Member Peter Long
Member Michael Khodarkovsky
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