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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 10:08

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One sensation for the first round of the so-called unpredictable World Cup is not much, you must admit. The favorites of the tournament were winning differently: in a beautiful and elegant way, in a positional fight and showing class. But what was the most important in general – without big problems. Concerning Sergey Movsesian, he perhaps was not just lucky in the pairings. Among many low rated opponents, Yu Yangyi had a potential which occurred to be much higher than his position in the rating list. Sergey, by the way, confirmed this fact after the match as well.

It is amazing how many young chess players have come to Khanty Mansiysk. Russian Sanan Syugirov, Americans Ray Robson and Robert Hess, So Wesley from the Philippines, Indian Negy Parimarjan, Italian Fabiano Caruano, Chinese Hou Yifan. They all are about 15-17 years old. They all have good perspectives. No doubt sooner or later some of them will ask the stars of today to make space for them at the top of a chess Olympus. It seems that FIDE policy on chess popularization in the world brings its positive results. This can only make us happy.


It is a pity that the number of women chess representatives was decreased in 2/3. But if the Women’s World Champion - Russian chess player Alexandra Kosteniuk was out of the tournament almost without any fight, another women chess player Hou Yifan was battling hard against the experienced Arkady Naiditsch who could qualify to the next round only after winning her in the tie breaks. Let us see how super-Judit will manage. She is already in the second round: her opponent of the first round did not come to Khanty because of sickness.
First round without sensations? Just perfect! It would be even more interesting to watch the battles of the strongest players in the Center of Art for talented children of North.

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