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Friday, 27 November 2009 09:37

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The tie breaks of Round 2 made the situation clear: the favorites of the Cup who managed to go through will continue their fight for the title of a year. The hero of Round 1 Varuzhan Hakobian, whose hockey score was 9-7 in the first round could not stand up in Round 2. He lost to the Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomariov in blitz. It is amazing: Varuzhan likes the new tie break control. "The new system is fair. It almost excludes the Armageddon", - says Varizhan.

This time the tie break marathon was not that long. We thank Judit Polgar for this: she managed to finish her "blitz" games against Nisipeanu quickly: rook against rook and bishop. 50 moves and the Hungarian chess player will prepare for the fight against first board of the tournament – Boris Gelfand in Round 3.

It should be also noted that So Wesley will test an ironman Gata Kamsky. Was the victory of this young fellow from the Philippines an accident or we will witness the birth of a new Carlsen? We will have an answer in three days.

Three unique players are fighting further – two Chinese players Wang Yue and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov from Azerbaijan who won all their games. Will anyone of them continue the same way?
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