Boris Gelfand from Israel became a winner of the World Cup 2009 Print
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 07:23

This is all! The three weeks marathon of the World Cup is over. The 41 years old Boris Gelfand of Israel became the winner of the World Cup 2009. He won the Ukrainian chess player Ruslan Ponomariov in the tie breaks 7-5.

The result of the competition is logical and fair. The top seeded of the Cup became the best player of the tournament. What opponent he had! The former World Champion and the finalist of the World Cup 2005. Who would dare to call the knock out format a lottery?

Before the commencement of the match, the chess experts gave such estimation: a bit more professional chess player Boris Gelfand against a bit more professional fighter Ponomariov. There was no obvious favorite, nuances decided everything.

How desperately he was fighting when being in worse positions! How cruelly precise he was when crushing his opponent in the decisive third game of the tie breaks! The main thing is that according to the chess specialists he was the best chess player from the creative point of view. This is what the World Cup commentator says: “Boris is the only participant of the World Cup who could avoid the obvious failures, - asserts the commentator. – Gelfand was the only one to play with quality and stability”. Bravo, Boris!

Let us do a justice to Ponomariov: he was fighting like a real hero. This time chess stars favored Gelfand. We are very happy for Ruslan as well: he can be considered as a records man of the World Cup: twice he became a finalist of two editions of World Cups which were organized in Ugra land three times.

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