World Junior Chess Championship Round 10 Print
Saturday, 14 August 2010 11:10
muzychukThe 2010 World Juniors and Girls U-20 Chess Championships is taking place from August 2nd (arrival day) to 17th (departure day) at Chotowa, Municipality Czarna, close to the city of Tarnow in Poland.

The top-seeded GM Dmitry Andreikin maintained the lead in the Junior section with 8.0 points from 10 games. Half a point behind are GM Sanan Sjugirov, also from Russia, and GM Emilio Cordova from Peru.

The Girls section is led by IM Anna Muzychuk with 9,0/10, now full point ahead of WGM Olga Girya. Further half a point behind are WFM Gulnar Marfat Mammadova and WGM Rout Padmini.

The competition is a 13-rounds Swiss system. Games can be followed on the official site.

Bulletins and games in pgn are available for download.
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