Humpy Koneru is a winner of the 6th Women's FIDE Grand Prix 2011 Print
Sunday, 06 March 2011 00:00
Women's FIDE Grand Prix in Doha has come to its end. It was an exciting battle of chess players. Humpy Koneru became a winner of the competition and also got the right to play the match against Hou Yifan. Elina Danielian and Marie Sebag are in the second and the third places respectively.

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Round 11.

After two quite peaceful draws between Dzagnidze-Chiburdanidze and Danielian-Stefanova, all the attention turned to the games which would identify the winner of Grand Prix in Qatar and also decide the participant of the match with Hou Yifan. The Chinese has already clinched the first place in the overall Grand Prix cycle and is a current World Champion among women. Nana Dzagnidze could not have an effect on the situation and was waiting for the result of the second challenger Humpy Koneru who needed to win the game in order to have a chance to qualify. Another important for the final standings game was played between Marie Sebag and Bathkhuyag Munguntuul. The French player also needed to win in order to share the first place. In such case Nana Dzagnidze would get a ticket to the match because Humpy Koneru would not get enough points in overall series of Women Grand Prix. After almost 5 hours of fighting Marie Sebag was defeated by Mongolian player and Humpy Koneru scored a crucial point!



Please view the Photo Gallery of the 11th round.

Round 10.

The leader of the tournament Elina Danielian suddenly lost to Pia Cramling while Humpy Koneru managed to win against Lilit Mkrtchian. One round to go the Indian player is half a point behind the top-runner and shares the second-third places together with Marie Sebag who made a peaceful draw in the game against Maia Chiburdanidze. 



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Round 9.

It is getting hot in the tournament hall. With two rounds to go Elina Danielian remains in the lead with 7.5 points following her today's win against Martha Fierro. Humpy Koneru didn't succeed to win a position with a big advantage while Marie Sebag defeated Nana Dzagnidze and remains in the second place. Lilit Mkrtchian and Munguntuul Batkhuyag are back to their form after losses and won their games against Zhu Chen and Pia Cramling respectively. The battle between two former world champions Antoaneta Stefanova and Maia Chiburdanidze finished peacefully.






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Round 8.

After a series of positive results Elina Danielian was defeated by the second-ranked woman player in the World Humpy Koneru. Marie Sebag made a draw against Antoaneta Stefanova and is sharing the 2-3 places with Humpy Koneru. After the rest day Nana Dzagnidze improved her tournament situation by scoring the 3rd win in a row and is occupying the 4th rank in the table.




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Round 7.

A real fighting spirit was shown in Women's Grand Prix in the 7th round - all the games were decided! After a little "break" in the winning series, Elina Danielian managed to score one more point playing against Zhu Chen. Humpy Koneru and Nana Dzagnidze continued the success of the previous round and started in pursuit of the leader. Lilit Mkrtchian won her first long-awaited game in the tournament. Marie Sebag defeated Pia Cramling and remains in the second place in the table.



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Round 6.

Yesterday the 6th round was played. Pia Cramling, Batkhuyag Munguntuul, Nana Dzagnidze, Humpy Koneru and Marie Sebag defeated their opponents. The only draw was made in the game between Elina Danielian and Lilit Mkrtchian.

Please read the full report of the 6th round on the Official site.

The Photo Gallery of Round 6.

Round 5.

 5 rounds have been already completed by the chess players in Doha, Qatar where the 6th FIDE Women's Grand Prix is taking place from the 20th of February to the 6th of March. Elina Danielian is in the lead after 5 rounds. On the 26th of February she won her fifth game in a row and leads the field with 5.0/5. Three players, Pia Cramling, Martha Fierro and Marie Sebag, follow two points behind.

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Round 5 Photo Gallery.

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