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March European Women's Individual C'ship   Mar 1 to 14 Turkey Gaziantep        
  European Women's Rapid & Blitz C'ships   Mar 14 to 19 Turkey Gaziantep        
  European Individual Championship   Mar 19 to Apr 1 Bulgaria Plovdiv     Poland Legnica
  European Senior Team Championship   Mar 26 to Apr 5 Slovenia Rogaska Slatina        
  PANAM Women's Championship                
  Central America & Caribbean Junior U20                
April World Rapid & Blitz   Apr 5th Russia Elista        
  World Amateur Championship   Apr 16 to 25 Greece Thessaloniki     Romania Iasi
  World Schools Individual Championships   Apr 28 to May 6 Romania Iasi     GRE, PER, SIN  
  World Championship Match   Apr to May Russia Moscow        
  American Continental Championship                
  Asian Cities Team Championship                
  Central American Team Championship             Panama  
May Asian Continental Championships   May 4 to 13 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City        
  Asian Team Championships   May 2nd half China Hainan        
  Women's Grand Prix 4   May 30 to Jun 13 Russia Kazan        
  South American Junior U20 C'ships                
  Candidates Matches                
June Asian Seniors Championship   Jun 1 to 10 Australia Sydney        
  Asian Amateur Championship   Jun 1 to 10 Australia Sydney        
  Asean+ Age-Group Championships   Jun 10 to 20 Vietnam Hue   Jun 10 to 20    
  Women's Grand Prix 5   Jun 16 to 30 Armenia Jermuk        
  Asian Youth Championships   Jun 23 to 30 Sri Lanka     May 17 to 24 Vietnam Danang
  Asian Junior U20 Championships     Uzbekistan Tashkent        
  Commonwealth Open Championships     India          
  European Schools Team Championships                
  American Amateur Continental                
  PANAM Junior U20 C'ships                
  PANAM Women's                 
  North American Youth Championships                
  African Individual C'ships                
  Asian Indoor Games           Jun 28 to Jul 7 South Korea Incheon
July FISU University Olympiad           Jul 6 to 17 Russia Kazan
  European Youth U18 Team Championships   Jul 11 to 19 Czech Rep Pardubice        
  PANAM Youth Rapid Festival   Jul 12th Peru          
  European Youth U8 to U18 Championships   Jul 16 to 26 Czech Prague     Montenegro Budva
  European Amateur Championships   Jul 18 to 29 Czech Rep Pardubice     Czech Rep Pardubice
  EU Youth U8 to U14 Championships   Jul 31 to Aug 8 Austria Mureck        
  PANAM Youth C'ships   Jul 21 to 30 Peru Lima        
  PANAM Schools Championships                
  FISU University Olympiad           2015 July South Korea Gwangju
August World Junior U20 Championships   Aug 1 to 16 Greece Athens     Turkey Antakya
  2nd World Mind Games   Aug 11 to 24 maybe Spain Madrid        
  European Senior Championship   Aug 18 to 27 Lithuania Kaunas     Bulgaria Plovdiv
  World University Championships   Aug 19 to 26 Portugal Guimaraes        
  Chess Olympiad   Aug 27 to Sep 10 Turkey Istanbul   2014 Aug 1 - 14 Norway Tromso
  FIDE Congress   Aug 27 to Sep 10 Turkey Istanbul   2014 Aug 1 - 14 Norway Tromso
  Central American & Caribbean Youth C'ships                
  World Cup           Aug 10 to Sep 5 Norway Tromso
  World Youth Championships           Aug 13 to 25 UAE Al Ain
September Women's World Blitz Championship                
  EU Individual Championships                
  World Youth Championships           2014 Sep 18 to 30 South Africa Durban
  Asian Games 2014           Sep 19 to Oct 4 South Korea Incheon
October European Club Cup & Women   Oct 10 to 18 Israel Eilat     Greece Rhodes
  Women's Grand Prix 6   Oct 22 to Nov 5 Turkey Istanbul        
  World Youth U16 Olympiad     Turkey          
  E'pean Youth (Ind/Team) Rapid & Blitz     Bosnia & Herzogovina Teslic     Montenegro Budva
  European Individual Schools C'ships     Greece Thessaloniki     Serbia Subotica
  Mitropa Cup     Croatia          
  ASEAN Primary Schools Sport Olympiad                
  World Chess Games for Disabled           Oct 24 to 30 Germany Dresden
  World Chess Games for Disabled           2015 Oct 24 to 30 Germany Dresden
  World Senior Championships          
November World Senior Championships   Nov 3 to 14 Greece Vourla Kammena        
  World Youth Championships   Nov 7 to 19 Slovenia Maribor        
  Women's World Championship   Nov 10 to Dec 3 Russia Khanty Mansiysk        
  World Blitz Finals                
  Central American Women's C'ship                
  Latin Cup                
  Umada Cup                
  European Team Championships             Poland Warsaw
  South East Asia (SEA) Games             Myanmar  
  Women's World Championship Match                
December World Team Championship                
  Sportaccord Mind Games   Dec 8 to 17 China Beijing   2013 & 2014 China Beijing
  Europrean Rapid & Blitz Championships   Dec 16 to 18 Poland Warsaw        
  FIDE Congress           Dec Turkey Antakya
  Asian Schools C'ships & U5 Kindergarten     UAE Sharjah        
  World Cities Team Championship   Dec 20 to 30 UAE Al Ain   2014/16/18/20 UAE  
  Asean Championship                
  Arab Youth Championships                
  Pan American Team Championship                
  South American Youth Championships                
  Caribbean Team Championships                
  PANAM Senior Championship                
  African Youth Championships                
  Women's World Team Championship                
  Biel International Festival   Jul 21 to Aug 3 Switzerland Biel        
  Asia Dragons Open   Aug Chinese Taipei          
  ASEAN v China Youth Summit   Aug China          
  Qin Huangdao Open   Oct 1 to 8 China Qin Huangdao        
  Indonesian Open   Oct 9 to 18 Indonesia Jakarta        
  All-African Games 2015             Congo Brazzaville

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