Bidding Procedure for 2014 FIDE Events Print
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 08:52



A. Open for Bids FIDE Events

A. World Junior Championship 2014

B. World Senior Championship 2014

C. World Amateur Championship 2014

D. World Youth U16 Olympiad 2014

E. World School Individual Championship 2014


B. Deadlines:

Deadline for the 2014 events is 1st March 2012

All bids to be submitted by the due dates in sealed envelopes to the FIDE Secretariat. 
Address: 9 Siggrou Avenue, Athens, Greece 11743

With effect from 1 January 2012, the following timelines shall be observed:-

·         1 March – Deadline for Bids

·         30  June – Completion of Inspection Visits

·         31 July – Deadline for submission of Evaluation Reports

·         General Assembly/Executive Board to Award successful bids.


C. Bid fees:

All bids for 2014  must be accompanied with a bid fee:

 2.000 Euro  – World Youth; 

 1.000 Euro  – World Junior; 

    500 Euro  – all other FIDE competitions

Bid Fees are not refundable. Bid fees should be paid the latest by 8st March 2012 to the FIDE bank account (free of charges) or to be enclosed in the bid envelope.

D. Deposit fees:

FIDE Congress (General Assembly/Executive Board):

10,000 Euro

Presidential Board Meeting:

  5,000 Euro

World Team Championship:

10,000 Euro

World Youth Under-8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Championships (see also regulation 17):

30,000 Euro

World Junior Championship:

10,000 Euro

World Senior Championship:

10,000 Euro

World Rapid Championship:

10,000 Euro

World Amateur Championship:

  5,000 Euro

Deposit fees should be paid the latest one month after the official notification that a FIDE event granted to a National Federation.
Deposit fees can be paid to the FIDE Bank account or by a bank guarantee sent to FIDE without any terms. When the event has been successfully concluded the deposit fee shall be credited to the account of the organizing federation or refunded.

E. Inspections

Inspection Visits shall be made by an Event Inspector (EI) nominated by the Presidential Board (PB) and the EVE. Ideally, the EI shall be chosen from the same continent of the bidder.

The cost of  Inspection Visits – travel and per diem – shall be covered by FIDE. The bidder shall be responsible for hosting the EI with a double-room and meals for the duration of not more than two working days.


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