Agreement of FIDE with CNC and AGON Print
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 06:27

Last Thursday 16 February, FIDE completed the negotiations with CNC and AGON and proceeded to sign the respective agreements with both companies.

CNC keeps mainly the media, web and software rights of events included in the World Championship Cycle such as the FIDE Grand-Prix, the Candidates Tournament and the World Championship Match.

FIDE and CNC also agreed in co-operating to create chess projects based on the web and the organising of mass chess events.

AGON at the same time undertakes to organise the above events of the FIDE World Championship Cycle and secure the necessary sponsorship funds. The total obligations which AGON accepted are worth over 9 million euros and has provided FIDE with a series of financial guarantees.

In the following ten days FIDE and AGON will announce their proposal for a calendar which will include the schedule of the World Chess Championship events and the Chess Olympiad for the next 4 years.