Meeting between FIDE and the USCF regarding the Laws of Chess Print
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 10:16

This was hosted at Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan in their building that dates back to 1915.

Those present: Stewart Reuben (ENG) chaired the meeting demonstrating castling in the photo. Clockwise from him: Bill Goichberg, Tony Rich, Walter Brown, Franc Guadalupe, Carol Jarecki. Carol (BVI) resides in the US as do the other four USCF officials.

The meeting was instigated by FIDE to discuss the differences between the FIDE Laws and the USCF Rules. The hope is that these differences can be eliminated in time for the new Laws to be agreed in Turkey to take effect from 1 July 2013. Naturally the differences are nearly all in the Competition Rules, not the Basic Rules of Play. To give an idea, in the US it is permitted, but discouraged, to castle first touching the rook. The FIDE Law specifically requires the king to be touched first. Many of the differences are for philosphical reasons. Many US events have BYO (bring your own) equipment. This is virtually unknown elsewhere in tournaments. The US believes in much less close supervision by the arbiters. 


Originally Geurt Gijssen, chairman of the Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission, was to have chaired the meeting. But ill-health prevents him travelling so I, as RTRC secretary, substituted for him. We wish Geurt a speedy recovery.

The meeting was very cooperative and productive. The next stage will be for me to present the suggestions to the RTR Council. This will enable amended Laws to be presented in Turkey which can then be further amended and finalised by the General Assembly. 


Stewart Reuben

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