Speech of Garry Kasparov at the General Assembly Print
Saturday, 08 September 2012 12:44



Mr. Garry Kasparov said he appreciates the opportunity to address the Assembly and congratulated everyone of the achievement. After two years of turmoil and fights, we came to a compromise which will eliminate all grounds for grievances and complaints. As chess players, there are mistakes made which have to be analysed. We understand the importance of the rules. The fact that we all recognise the inefficiency of the rules drafted long ago and we all worked so hard to apply the rules of modern times, shows that the federations and FIDE stick to the principles and rules of the IOC. It does not mean we have no differencies, but I think this is very natural, we will be fighting within one family and for reaching brighter future for chess. I appreciate FIDE emphasis on chess education and we have to penetrate the education system around the globe. Chess has no match and it is in our power to prove it in all continents. I work aggressively on this and a lot of work is being done by FIDE and it is a real patch to our success. We have not to look for weak spots and criticisms of the other side, we should concentrate on positive things, and not on who did what wrong in the past, but who can do something great in the future. We should have a noble common goal, and I will do my utmost to bring FIDE to a more prosperous and better future.

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