List of Decisions of the 2013 1st quarter FIDE PB Print
Thursday, 21 February 2013 16:06
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List of Decisions of the 2013 1st quarter
FIDE Presidential Board meeting
Tsakhadzor, Armenia
19-20 January 2013

1PB-2013/1. For G. Makropoulos to visit Albania.
1PB-2013/2. To approve, that should CNC and BMA come to an agreement, that the FIDE interface could approve  a side agreement between them and FIDE.
1PB-2013/3. To decline the proposal of Mr. Danailov to cancel the contract with Agon.
1PB-2013/4. To keep the name of the Netherlands Antilles Chess Federation awaiting decision of IOC.
1PB-2013/5. To accept provisional membership for the Saudi Arabia Chess Federation.
1PB-2013/6. To prepare an action plan for new membership of Federations by the next meeting.
1PB-2013/7. To accept the proposal of Mr. Leong regarding Central Board of Commissions.
1PB-2013/8. To accept changes in the Commissions membership including the inclusion of Women into various FIDE Commissions.
1PB-2013/9. To accept the FIDE Titles Regulations.
1PB-2013/10. To accept the FIDE Rating Regulations.
1PB-2013/11. To accept the Direct Titles Table.
1PB-2013/12. To accept the Transfer Regulations.
1PB-2013/13. To accept that the event held in Morocco can be submitted by AIDEF to be rated.
1PB-2013/14. To accept the recommendation of the Qualification Commission with regard to the over-the-board titles.
1PB-2013/15. To create a Committee of Messrs. Freeman, Sundar, Leong and Vega to work on all the cases regarding Players without Federation, and to submit their findings to all PB members in order to finalise the issue at the next meeting.
1PB-2013/16. To accept the Arbiters’ Commission report.
1PB-2013/17. To accept the recommendation of the Arbiters’ Commission with regard to Arbiters’ titles.
1PB-2013/18. To accept the Trainers’ Commission report, except for point 5, which shall come into effect from 1st July 2014.
1PB-2013/19. To accept the recommendation of the Trainers’ Commission with regard to trainers’ titles.
1PB-2013/20. To accept the report of Technical Commission and acknowledge the protest of Mr. Yazici.
1PB-2013/21. To accept the report of the Medical Commission.
1PB-2013/22. To accept guidelines on treatment of disabled chess players.
1PB-2013/23. To accept Women’s Chess Commission report.
1PB-2013/24. To accept the Chess in Schools Commission report and authorize Mr. Yazici to sign the agreement with ACES Europe as long as the financial arrangements in the contract are approved by the Treasurer.
1PB-2013/25. To accept the recommendation of the Events Commission with regard to IO titles.
1PB-2013/26. To approve the 2013-2014 Calendar planner.
1PB-2013/27. To accept the report on IO licensing fees.
1PB-2013/28. To task Mr. Kutin to prepare a proposal about FIDE Technical Delegate guidelines for the next meeting.
1PB-2013/29. To task Mr. Kutin to prepare a proposal about celebration of the FIDE 90th anniversary for the next meeting.
1PB-2013/30. To approve the membership of Social Actions Commission and accept the report.
1PB-2013/31. To accept the WCOC recommendations. Existing bidding procedures and published regulations are exempt from these recommendations.
1PB-2013/32. To create a Committee for a unified dress-code guidelines with Mrs. Marinello, Mr. Paulson and Ms. Sorokina as members.
1PB-2013/33. To open a bidding procedure for the WCCM.
1PB-2013/34. To organize two Women’s FIDE Grand-Prix tournaments in Tashkent and Khanty-Mansiysk (2013 and 2014).
1PB-2013/35. To request official confirmation from the Turkish Chess Federation regarding the 2013 FIDE Congress and FIDE events to be organized by them this year.
1PB-2013/36. To award the FIDE World Teams Championship 2015 to Armenia.
1PB-2013/37. To award the FIDE World Teams Championship 2017 to Khanty-Mansiysk.
1PB-2013/38. To approve the dates for the World Youth Championships 2013 as 17-29 December 2013 and to appoint a FIDE supervisor for World Youth Championships 2013.
1PB-2013/39. To award the World Youth Championship (U14, U16, U18) 2016 to Khanty-Mansiysk and not open a bidding procedure.
1PB-2013/40. To award Women’s World Rapid and Blitz Championship 2014 to Khanty-Mansiysk.
1PB-2013/41. To award World Junior and Girls U -20 2015 to Khanty-Mansiysk.
1PB-2013/42. To award World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2015 to Georgia.
1PB-2013/43. To have a meeting in Athens, 21-22 February 2013, to discuss unified regulations for all tournaments.
1PB-2013/44. To accept the Board elected on November 28th 2012 as the recognised Argentine Chess Federation and inform Ministry of Sports accordingly.
1PB-2013/45. To send a letter to Ecuador Ministry of Sports recognizing current Federation.
1PB-2013/46. To create a working group regarding chess in Africa, with Messrs. Makropoulos and Freeman and two other members.
1PB-2013/47. To task Mr. Mazouz to present a written proposal about a proposed Belkadi tournament to Treasurer.
1PB-2013/48. To approve Continental Presidents’ reports.
1PB-2013/49. To decline the proposal of NTV plus.
1PB-2013/50. To coordinate the issue of chess television with Mr. Makropoulos, Mr. Borg and others.
1PB-2013/51. To request the details of the Chess in Schools project in Romania and Ukraine from the Cultural Institute Foundation.
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