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Thursday, 28 February 2013 11:21
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WOM Report – Presidential Board January 2013

Online FIDE Arbiter Seminar

The Online FIDE Arbiter Seminar was held from October 9th to 14th were 37 women participated from 11 different countries. 23 Participants took the examination test and the following succeeded:

1. Adriana Sarmiento Colombia
2. Miriam Montes de Oca Venezuela
3. Aidalina Sánchez Nicaragua
4. Lilia López México
5. Omayra Aybar Dominican Republic
6. Mireya Pereira Venezuela

Online Mastering Swiss Manager

The Online Mastering Swiss Manager is to train future or current arbiter to master the Swiss Manager. The training is held for 3 months and includes theory practice and examinations. 34 women participate from 11 different countries  

Arbiter Seminar - Cuba

The FIDE Arbiter Seminar was held in La Habana from November 14th to 18th. 32 women participated from 3 countries – Cuba, Ecuador and Costa Rica and the following succeeded in the examinations:

1. Ivette Catala Cuba
2. Sonia Batista Cuba
3. Miladys Rodríguez Cuba
4. Bexy Díaz Cuba
5. María Cristina Rafoso Cuba
6. Roquelina Fandino Cuba
7. Tania Badalona Cuba

Increasing the number of qualify women arbiter is also one of our priorities.

In the upcoming years we need to have at least 20% of the arbiters in International and Official FIDE Chess Tournaments to be women!

FIDE Trainer Seminar - Cuba

The FIDE Trainer Seminar was held in La Habana from November 14 th to 18 th. 42 women participated from 4 countries – Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico the following titles were awarded (After approval of the Presidential Board):

Development Instructor   12
National Instructor   14
FIDE Instructor   11
FIDE Trainer   4

More details can be find here:

Seminar had a success participation and gave a unique opportunity to qualify trainers to get certify. We still need to work in increasing women trainers and in that way we will increase the number of female players as well.

Promotional Tour - Honduras

The WOM selected WGM Carolina Lujan from Argentina to promote chess among girls and women in Honduras from December 16th to 20th and and together with the Honduras Chess Federation organized the following events:

Training the top female players
Simultaneous exhibitions
Conferences motivating young girls
Meeting with the President of the Honduran Olympic Committee
Interviews (media, TV, radio, newspaper)
Visiting schools
Meeting with the Argentinian Ambassador in Honduras

The visit to Honduras was a complete success, were not only women were motivated and supported but also chess was publicize in all national medias during WGM Lujan stay. Pictures can be found at the last part of the report.

Promotional Tour - Asia
The WOM selected GM Hou Yifan to be the role model in the Asian promotion tour. The visits were held last days of December, so we will present it on our next report. Specially thanks for the support in organizing the events to Mr. Ignatius Leong.

Training with the TOP Paraguayan Women Players - Paraguay

WGM Martha Fierro was in Asuncion, Paraguay for a FIDE TRAINER Seminar and took the opportunity to program together with the Paraguayan Chess Federation some special training sessions with the top female players in Paraguay.

Conference “Women in Chess” - Mexico

WGM Martha Fierro was in Merida, Mexico for a FIDE TRAINER Seminar and during the free day of the Seminar organized together with the Mexican Chess Federation and the Yucatan Chess Association a conference “Women in Chess” were many girls and women participated.

Promotional Tour in Honduras

Simultaneous Exhibition

Simultaneous Exhibition

Interview with a TV Channel
Interview with a TV Channel

Top Women Players
Top Women Players

President of the Honduran Olympic Committee
President of Honduran Olympic Committee

FIDE Trainers' & Arbiters' Seminar - Cuba

Participants of the FIDE TRAINER SEMINAR
Participants of the FIDE Trainers' Seminar

FIDE Arbiters' Seminar

Training with the TOP Paraguayan Women Players

Top Women Players2
Top Women Players

Olympic Women Team
Olympic Women Team

Conference "Women in Chess" - Mexico

Conference Women in Chess - Mexico

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