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Thursday, 28 February 2013 08:06
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NOTE: According to the Decisions of the 2013 1st quarter FIDE Presidential Board meeting, the Trainers’ Commission report has been accepted, except for point 5, which shall only come into effect from 1st July 2014.
The teams that do not have such a trainer will be offered a free seminar at the Olympiad to qualify. All GMs and IMs who are not registered by FIDE will be automatically registered as the most junior lever of trainer, if they apply.


FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG)
FIDE PB 1/2013 (Tsakhkadzor * 19-20.01.2013)
REPORT - January 3 rd , 2013

Dear Mr. President,

Here is our Commission’s Report for the FIDE PB 1/2013. We have held two meetings (15.11.2012 live in Maribor & 31.12.2012 telemmeting) since the Istanbul GA 2012, noting all proposals and decisions concerning the operation of our Commission. We informed the Executive Director and we were able to solve in perfect harmony all subjects. Most of the TRG Minutes contents concerns formalities and general every-day work, but there are some issues which should be exclusively decided by the PB. From these extensive Minutes we ask you to approve the following:

1. Trainers’ Titles: We have been informed that extra titles concerning trainers/teachers have been generated by CIS. We had thought that this matter had been solved back in Khanty-Mansyisk 2010, when we had clearly objected to this thought. We feel that the PB should reconsider the decision and we have explained our points to the GS and the ED. Also, CIS asked to include our book ‘TRG Foundation Trainer Guide’ in its curriculum and seminars. TRG has no objection but feels that title and indexes should remain intact. Also, a contribution from CIS of the approximately amount of 12.000 euros (the total cost/postage of the book) should be allocated from its budget to TRG budget for 2013. This amount will equally the expenses of TRG and it will be directed in printing another free book for trainers.

2. New TRG Titles: TRG Council voted on applications and confirmed seminar results according to the TRG Guide and approved the attached titles, which are in Annex 1 .

3. FIDE Academies: A new application for a FIDE Academy was made by the ‘Kara Chess Academy’ based in South Africa. The Council endorsed it and asks the FIDE PB to approve it, according to the regulations ( Annex 2 ).

4. General Info: We would like to inform you that in 2012 we contacted 30 trainers’ seminars all over the world, in the cities of Abuja, Accra, Addis Ababa, Al-Ain (2), Amman, Asuncion, Athens, Chennai, Dushanbe, Guayaquil, Istanbul, Johannesburg, La Habana, Lilongwe, Lima, Madrid, Maribor, Merida, Monastir, New Delhi, Patras, Port Louis, Prague, Ptolemaida, Singapore (2), Thessaloniki, Tunis, and Yangon. In these seminars approximately 650 trainers were educated and now we are about to reach 2.000 certified FIDE trainers worldwide (1.925 by today). We opened six new Academies (9 in total) and we distributed more than 2.500 books to federations and certified trainers. We enriched our site with a lot of training material and advices and generally we tried to inform and to be helpful to anyone and anything concerning trainers and training. We hope that we did our duty.

5. FIDE/TRG Guide: TRG reminds the PB that according to the Krakow 2011 decision the following chapter 4 should be re-examined. TRG feels that it should be applied from 01.01.2013.

4. Trainers
Starting on 01.01.2013, the following will apply:
4.1. No trainer will be offered free board & lodging at official FIDE events such as Olympiads, World, European, Continental, Pan-American, and Asian Team Championship, and World and Continental Youth Individual Championships, if he/she does not hold any official FIDE / TRG title.
4.2. No trainer will be offered access in the official playing hall at official FIDE events such as Olympiads, World, Continental, European, Pan-American, and Asian Team Championship, and World and Continental Youth Individual Championships, if he/she does not hold any official FIDE / TRG title.

With kind regards,
The Chairman Adrian Mikhalchishin
The Secretary Efstratios Grivas
Councillor Uwe Boensch
Councillor Jovan Petronic
Councillor Michael Khodarkovsky




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