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Friday, 01 March 2013 13:52
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Incredible India Part 2
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

After the excellent visit to Pune, (See Incredible India Part 1)  it was time to move to Hyderabad at 7 pm on the 18th of February. A comfortable flight with Jet Airways, and I arrived to Hyderabad around 9pm.
You may guess what happened there. Here it comes: outstandingly excellent Indian Hospitality. They met me in the airport with beautiful red roses! I may tell you that I have got more than 500 roses in India!

airport 1

Left to Right: IM Lanka Ravi, Major Siva Prasad, Mr.Ali, Mr.Kanna Reddy AP State Chess Association Secretary. Those three excellent guys, did not leave me one second unattended. Thank you men!

Then we moved to Taj Krishna, Hyderabad.  An excellent hotel!

On 19th February early morning we have visited Suchitra Academy

WP 000141

Mr. Lanka Ravi, Mr. Yazici, Major Siva Prasad (APCA Secretary)

A very warm welcome and beautiful children! The school is a private school with chess included in the curriculum.
The Director of the school Mr. Praveen Raju has organised a special meeting with beautiful and genious chess children.

photo 2-4

photo 3-4

photo 4-4
So sweet all of them!

photo 5-4
Roses in my hands, roses in my arms....

Then we played a match with IM Lanka Ravi on chess field using real pieces (children ware chess costums). The match ended in a draw and I should be proud of that. The school was green, clean and very well organised. I have to congratulate Mr. Raju and his team to have such a beautiful education campus!

Sure, there was an open air press conference after visiting, Suchitra Academy!

WP 000133
Mr. Praveen Raju on right!

WP 000134

Honestly two questions were very popular! Chess in School and World Chess Championship Match in India!!

After Suchitra Academy it was time to move to Cyber Chess Academy of IM Lanka Ravi. As you guess, very warm welcome was a standard procedure, respecting to Indian Hospitality.

cyber academy 0
Lanka Ravi felicitates me with a traditional Silk Shawl

Together with the Officers of the Academy. From left to right: Ms. Reshma - Front Office Executive, Mrs. Mubeen Programme, Ms. Bhuvana Reddy - Sr. Administrative Officer 2

We have spent a lot of time in Academy, I had a chance to lose a few matches versus great talents of Cyber Chess Academy.

Cyber academy 2
I examine the media attention received by Cyber Chess Academy

cyber academy 4 
I, keenly observe the steps taken at every level for enhancing chess players knowledge

cyber academy 3
Ravi explains the different course materials given to students

Meeting Coaches 2
Meeting with coaches of Cyber Chess Academy

Meeting Coaches 4

Meeting Coaches 5

Meeting Coaches 7
Meeting with coaches of Cyber Chess Academy

Cyber academy 8

Coaches and officials of cyber chess academy. All coaches are International Rated Players. Right to left: Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Nageswara Rao, Mr. Deepak Khatiyar, Official Advisor. Mr. Lanka Srinivas in a Meeting.

cyber academy last
Time to say bye to Cyber Chess Academy! If you go to Hyderabad, do not miss to visit there!

After leaving beautiful CCA, we moved back to the hotel and it was time to meet great heroes of All Indian Chess Federation, Mr. D.V.Sundar and Mr. Bharat Singh...

Then we have visited The Sport Director of AP State Mr. T.R.K.Rao. The President of AP Chess Association Mr. A.Narasimha Reddy joined us. He is a Chairman of the Bar Council (a council of reputed Lawyers) and a great chess lover.

A Narasimha Reddy
A Narasimha Reddy

Mr. Rao, Sport and Youth Director of Andhra Pradesh State has promised us to do anything possible to promote chess in the state. I should mention that no one in India talked about chess neutrally. Everyone provides great support, that must be the reason of having the world champion and many world champions!

AMS 2079
Mr. Rao, Sport and Youth Director of AP State on left, Mr. Sundar and Ali on right

AMS 2080
FIDE Vice President Mr. Sundar explains the FIDE CIS Programme to Sport and Youth Director

AMS 2102
Family Photo – on photo next to me Sport and Youth Director of AP State Mr. Roa, and President of AP Chess Association, Mr. Reddy

AMS 2106
Mr. Roa: “Mr.Ali, I will give all necessary support to Indian CIS Project in A.P. State”

AMS 2114
I say: "Sir! Then be ready for 1 million members of AICF in 4-5 years!”

AMS 2113

Then we moved on to the meeting with chess people from Hyderabad, APCA. All Indian Chess Federation has made a fantastic presentation.
Here let me mention AICF situation in the world chess..

The number of Indians in the FIDE rating base is ever climbing. In February 2013, the number in the rating list is a massive figure of 29550. In 2013-2014, India should surpass that of Spain and by 2016-2017 should get ahead of France. The Indian raise is steep unlike France and Spain which are also growing but modestly.

India is a hot destination for chess. Chess tournaments are held non-stop at the land of the world champion Viswanathan Anand. India is also the land where chess was born.

Which federations are above and below India? France 33374 and Spain 30222 are above and Germany 25945 and Russia 25224 are below. The activity of the All India Chess Federation since 2005 has been player friendly and it is a role model organisation for other nations to follow.

One might think if other English speaking nations would have more numbers. USA has 9241, England has 3425 on the FIDE rating file. On the Asian front, Iran has 8169 and China 1169.

What are these numbers? The FIDE rating file is an indicator of things that are brewing. A rating event produces rated players and other players who do not get ratings but remain in the file. It simply indicates activity.

The larger the number of players, greater the possibility to create champions. The new numbers point to more champions after Anand. The World Youth Chess Championship success is also another healthy indicator of things that happen in Indian chess.

Many of Indians are playing cricket and chess. Most of the Europeans are following football and tennis. In the Americas, it is basketball, baseball and ice hockey which are dominant.

Indian nature and mindset are also tailor made for success in chess. These numbers are so high due to the good ground set by the All India Chess Federation for the players to excel in this sport.

India has made biggest success by getting the 4th place in 40th Chess Olympiad with their women team. AICF does have 31 GMs, 77 IMs, 8 WGMs and 19 WIMs. It is very clear with this management India will fight fort the medals in both sections (Open and Women) in Tromso 2014. Source:
It was a delicous reception and diner given by Mr. A.Narasimha Reddy in a Chinese Restaurant. Then we have moved the hotel to rest for the next day, 20th February. 

20th February – Opening Ceremony of Indian National Team Chess Championships.

The Opening Ceremony was honoured by Honourable Minister for I.T. & COMMUNICATIONS Mr. Ponnala Lakshmaiah. Before the Opening Cremeony we had a chance to talk about Indian CIS Project, and I have got a promise from Hon'ble Minister to give all necessary support.

WP 000144

33rd National Team Chess Championship

11th National Women Team Championship

After that with Bharat Singh, (as I have mentioned before, one of the Indian heroes in management) we moved to Capital to Delhi!
The last but not the least ! Part 3 will be published on the 13th of March 2013.

Only a few news from media coverage in Hyderabad

news report

news report2



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