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As you know, I have published two articles about my visit to India: Incredible India Part -1 and Incredible India Part -2. You are now reading the last (but not the least!) part of my report.
Together with Mr.Bharat Singh, Honorary Secretary of AICF and Chairman of Delhi State Chess Association (DCA), we took a flight to Delhi from Hyderabad on the 20th of February. Here I should mention the heroes of AICF, one by one: 


Mr.DV Sundar (FIDE Vice President) is the leader of AICF. Sundar is a very good friend, a retired person with experience and one of the most honest people I’ve ever met! Under his leadership, Indian Chess has made a huge success. As I mentioned in the previous articles, the most difficult task he managed during his leadership was to create such a great team of AICF. 


The next one is Mr.Bharat Singh. A huge guy with a huge heart. I know Bharat for many years due to FIDE meetings and GAs. Bharat is a civil engineer and has his own private company. His charisma and modesty makes him a very nice person. With his great experience and love of chess, he has made big achievements not only in India but also in his state of Delhi!


The third but not the least is Mr.R.M.Dongre from Mumbai. Dongre is also a councilor of FIDE CIS Commission and the main person for chess in schools in India. He also has his private company and another engineer working as volunteer for AICF and MCA. I am very proud to have him in my team in FIDE CIS Commission. 

This Indian Troika, with many more guys behind them, makes the difference, I guess!

Now let us go to the third part of my report about India.

When Bharat and I arrived in Delhi, as usual there were flowers waiting for us at the terminal. We were met by IM Vishal Sareen and Mr. Ak Verma (General Secretary of Delhi Chess Association). After a short rest in the hotel it was the time to meet Delhi Chess People at the dinner which was attended by many journalists. I have to mention that the media attention during my visit to India was not less than what you may have seen in Russia, Azerbaijan or Armenia. 

After an introduction to the meeting, AICF made an official presentation, and I made a similar one on behalf of FIDE. pdfChess_in_Schools_-_DCA.pdf1.52 MB

20.02.13 3
It is great honour to get fllowers from a young and talented GM!

20.02.13 2
I was honoured to sit next to the young and talented GM of Delhi Mr.Sahaj Grover (2467 and 18 years old - born in 1995!) 

20.02.13 4
IM Vishal Sareen, Mr. Bharat Singh & Mr. KC Joshi, Chess Coach 

20.02.13 5

The agenda continued with an open discussion with the attendants. It was a very fruitful meeting. 

20.02.13 1
Chess Enthusiasts listening to the proceedings

20.02.13 6
together with Sandeep Singh, FIDE Arbiter & Webmaster Delhi Chess Association & All India Chess Federation

20.02.13 7

20.02.13 8
I, Bharat, AK Verma, Secretary Delhi Chess Association

20.02.13 11
IM Vishal Sareen during presentation

20.02.13 12
Bharat, Sandeep, Vishal preparing my presentation

20.02.13 13
RS Tiwari, Sareen, GM Grover and me discussing matters related with CIS

20.02.13 14
Sandeep Chitkara (Chess Coach), Tiwari (International Arbiter), Sareen, Bharat, Verma
20.02.13 15
Sandeep and Vishal checking presentation, two hard working guys..

20.02.13 16
They have never missed a chance to give me presents! thank you men!

21st February - Meeting Sports and Youth Minister of India

By 11 am next morning we went to Sports and Youth Minister of India, Mr.Jitendra Singh, who is a young and sophisticated Minister. The meeting went for 30 minutes, we were accompanied by the permanent secretary of Sport and Youth Ministry. The main subjects as you may guess were CIS in India and World championship match. For me it looks like India may host the next world chess championship match between WCC GM Anand and his challenger. Let’s wait and see.
Presentation of Momento to Mr.Jitendra Singh, Sports and Youth Minister of Government of India (chess set)
Without flowers, it is impossible in Incredible India!
Discussion with Hon'ble Minister
You see we are happy with the responds of Hon'ble Minister.
I am sure everything is possible for Indian Chess!

But for me the most important achievement was to get the support of Hon'ble Minister for CIS project. We got an open cheque and a large support there and we promised to prepare the AICF Master Plan very soon. In two months we will make a presentation to the minister with all the details.

I have to thank to Mr.Bharat Singh and his wife! 21st February was the 25th anniversary of their marriage and according to Indian traditions they would go on honeymoon to celebrate that. But due to our meeting with Minister, with the great tolerance of Mrs.Singh, they postponed that to the next day. In FIDE, all our wives help us to volunteer working for chess. They suffer tolerating our trips and work for chess, and I use this chance to thank them all.

The same day at dinner, I met the staff of DCA, and we again discussed how to proceed with CIS Program.
Indian friends, see you soon with AICF Master Plan! 
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