FIDE Proposed Clarifications to the Rules Regarding Proxies Print
Tuesday, 08 October 2013 15:08

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During its work verifying the delegates and proxies for this year’s Extraordinary General Assembly, the Election Committee has noted that there are a number of ambiguities and unclear provisions in FIDE’s rules regarding proxies. The Election Committee and FIDE have worked together to clarify these provisions and propose to amend the rules as shown in the attached document.

These proposed amendments will be voted on at the Extraordinary General Assembly on 9 October 2013 pursuant to Article 4.12 of the Statutes which provides that “[n]o other item may be discussed except in an emergency situation where evidence must be established and with the approval by a two thirds majority vote of those present, including proxies.” The Electoral Commission and FIDE consider that this is an emergency situation, as these rules will govern the 2014 Presidential elections and they need to be clear.

FIDE Proposed Clarifications to the Rules Regarding Proxies (PDF)

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