FIDE Introduces the Official 2013 World Chess Championship Set Print
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 12:02

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FIDE introduced its first official 2013 World Chess Championship set. It was used during the World Championship match in Chennai. The set was designed by renowned design firm Pentagram.

It is based on the classic Staunton design, first produced in 1849. Pentagram’s leading industrial designer Daniel Weil says: ‘When the initial Staunton set was produced there was great precision – since then a disrepair had set in. I had to unravel the rationale behind the original set.’

In the new Weil’s design, the pieces conform to the exact height of the Parthenon’s pediment. The FIDE World Chess Championship set pieces are individually carved and made out of rosewood and maple. The king’s height is 3.75”.

During the Championship match, the set was paired with the electronic DGT board. To learn more or to buy the set, please visit

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