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FIDE handbook, Chapter 02 - Membership

2.4. The members must acknowledge and observe the statutes, regulations, resolutions and decisions of FIDE. They are also obliged to pay the membership fees and the other FIDE contributions fixed by the General Assembly at the designated time. Moreover they are obliged to support FIDE actively in all chess activities. Each member federation is required to send to the Secretariat any changes in its address or officers within one month of such change. Each member is required to send to the Secretariat at the latest by April 1st of each year a report containing the following information:

a. the name, address and email address of the Federation;

b. the name and email address of the President (who, regardless of his title within the federation, shall be referred to as such within these Statutes and any other FIDE regulations);

c. the name and email address of the General Secretary;

d. the name and email address of the officer who is the intermediary between the member and FIDE (the Delegate);

e. the names of the national champions;

f. the title and address of the official bulletin, if any;

g. the numbers of players belonging directly or indirectly to the federation on January 1st of the year in question, or, if this is not possible, at the end of the previous fiscal year;

When a federation does not supply the data mentioned in sub (g), the Secretariat shall determine the number of members, after consultation with the President of the Zone. The same procedure shall be applied when the data given by the federation contains obvious mistakes.

2.5. Members not fulfilling the duties mentioned in art. 2.4 may be temporarily excluded from FIDE by a decision of the General Assembly/Executive Board/Presidential Board and permanently excluded from FIDE by a decision of the General Assembly.

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