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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 12:21

Royal Game Uganda



Working with “Talent House” has been phenomenal. During the 6 months of teaching young boys and girls to learn different aspects of life including the art of Playing the Royal Game of chess has concretized the functions of Royal Game Consultancy (RGC) in its agenda of spreading the game of Chess in Uganda.

Special thanks to the proprietor of Talent House Ms. Karin Lukas for putting together facilities for young children to be able to access informal education and sports outside the day to day formal settings at their schools.

Also, recognition goes to the parents of the children, who have effortlessly provided their children for this activity and have kept the ethics of the program to have the children on time, and very smart for the time they attend this program.

RGC honours and recognizes the endless service of Mr. Tembi Brian, Mr. Mukalazi John Vianney, Mr. Edwin Nuwamanya and Ms. Safinah Mugide for sparing time off to indoctrinate the children with the knowledge of Chess as a sport and as an educative tool to shaping the minds of the players.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the students of Talent House who made this demanding time joyful but always efficient.


On the 24th September 2017, RGC made its inaugural visit to the Talent house with one main theme, which was “Introduction of chess” to the young boys and girls so that we could assess what was needed to ensure that the program succeeded.

Read full Royal Game Consultancy Report 2018.

Royal Game Consultancy Report 2018 1

Royal Game Consultancy Report 2018 2

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