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Sunday, 28 December 2008 21:52

Sergey's life is devoted to chess, mother says
By Yasir Abbasher, Senior Reporter
Published: December 28, 2008, 23:53

Al Ain: Grand Master Sergey Karjakin might be the highest ranked player in the ongoing Asian Chess Champions League but he is still a teenager accompanied by his proud mother Tatania to all the international tournaments he takes part in.

Sergey made history and headlines when he became the youngest ever Grandmaster at the age of 12 years and seven months.

With an elo rating of 2730, Sergey is the highest ranked player and shoulders the hopes of the hosts to win the title.

His mother talks about the genius early years and how he became a legend in the game.

"He was five when he started playing chess with members of the family, and when he was six he joined a local chess club," she said. "I will never forget when he came to me and said ‘Mum, I can't live without playing chess'."

"His great capabilities were noticed and he started taking part in tournaments and he needed me to organise his schedule between school, training and competing," she said.

"At the start it was very difficult because chess is an expensive game with the training lessons taking most of the family's budget but all that did not go in vain when he became the great player and champion he is now." Tatania added.

She explained how her son's schooling needed to be balanced with his chess education.

"The administration of his school was very understanding and sympathetic," said Tatania.

"They gave him enough time to train without hindering his lessons in school. He did not feel big headed when he became famous because we were there to shield him.

"Now he is adapting excellently to his fame because by nature he is a quiet and shy person and does not like to be the centre of attention," she added.

Regarding his plans for the future, his mother said he has high ambitions.

"He is determined to be the highest ranked player in the world and I believe with his enthusiasm and hard work he will achieve his goal because all he thinks about for the future is about chess and nothing else," she said.

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