Jorge Vega's impression of Bermuda Open 2009 Print
Thursday, 05 February 2009 13:06

The XXV Bermuda Open Tournament was held at the end of January (January 30 - February 2) as usual under the direction of the Bermuda Federation presided by Mr. Larry Ebbin and Mr. Nigel Freeman, FIDE Treasurer.

Bermuda, located in the middle of North Atlantic is a group of small islands formed millions years ago by a submerged volcano whose extinct crater occupies the centre of a sea water sound surrounded by land with lots of small beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Being since its discovery an important naval base you can find ancient fortress anywhere.

The tournament, held at a five stars hotel and conducted by IA Carol Jarecki, (BVI), developed in a very friendly atmosphere in which Title Holders and local players struggled during the event.

I attend the tournament under a Nigel´s kind invitation and after arriving form Boston where a snow storm was blowing hard I was surprised by the mild weather due to being Bermuda in the path of the Gulf Stream, resembling more the Caribbean than the North Atlantic.

The attention given by the Organizers was wonderful and after a dramatic blitz tie-brake GM Pascal Charbonneau, (CAN) got the first place.

I shall let the comments of the tournament for the experts, only remains to be said the comments of the closing ceremony held at a classic English Pub where a nice dinner was served and where lots of prizes were given under the direction of a happy Mr. Freeman, dressed in a mixed Bermuda and Kalmyk style.

So finished the Bermuda 2009 Open, leaving only the wish of being back!

Jorge Vega

Here are some photos:












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