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FIDE International Seminar for Coaches
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
27 May – 1 June 2009

The Iraqi Chess Federation (ICF), supported by the Asian Chess Federation (ACF), and under the auspices of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), invites participants to the FIDE International Seminar for Trainers in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

In this program, four Titles can be achieved: FIDE Trainer, FIDE Instructor, National Instructor and Developmental Instructor, depending on the results of the examination and also the applicant's stature as a player, trainer etc.

The FIDE Trainers' Commission (TRG), is pleased to nominate Mr. Peter Long (MAS) and Mr. Hassan Khaled (EGY), FIDE Trainers, to conduct the course and the examination in English and Arabic..

Schedule & Program

May 27 (Day 1)

11.00-14.00: Introduction: FIDE & Trainers’ Commission (TRG), Regional Academies & FIDE Trainer System/Types of Trainers, Participants, Seminar Program & Lecturer Expectations

16.00-20.00: Tactics: Making Checkmate Patterns, Tactical Elements & Combinations, Strategies on Attacking the King. EXAM: (Checking Level of Tactical Ability)

May 28 (Day 2)

11.00-14.00: Scholastic Chess: Benefits of Chess, Teaching Beginners, Curriculums, How to Implement a Chess in Schools Program

16.00-20.00: Most Important Theoretical Endgames: Pawn Endings, Rook Endings, EXAM: (Checking Basic Endgame Knowledge)

May 29 (Day3)

11.00-14.00: Openings: Principles of Opening Play, How to Teach Openings.. EXAM: (Knowledge of Open Game Fundamentals)

16.00-20.00: Working with Classical Games: Teaching Strategy, Positional Elements, via Selecting Games of Past Masters

May 30 (Day 4)

11.00-14.00: Decision Making: Evaluation of Position, Making a Plan

16.00-20.00: Calculation

May 31 (Day 5)

11.00-14.00: Trainers' Workshop: Conducting a Lesson, Making Lesson Plans, Using Computers

16.00-20.00: Playing Strength Assessment/FIDE Trainer Candidate Presentations

June 1 (Day 6)

09.00-13.00: Review/Marking, Summary & Results, Presentation of Certificates

1. Eligibility

There are specific pre-requisites and requirements for the award of the FIDE Instructor and FIDE Trainer titles as follows:

1.1 FIDE Instructor

a. Proof of at least 2 years activity as a trainer.

b. A minimum rating of 1800.

c. Proof of teaching ability given by a demonstration lesson (spoken in English or other FIDE language).

d. Successful participation in the Seminar.

1.2 FIDE Trainer

a. Delivery of a trainer paper in English or other FIDE language (approx. 12 pages long) or proof of an earlier publication (book, specialized article in a chess journal, etc.) to the administrator/coordinator of the Seminar. Note that this must be submitted in advance.

b. Proof of at least 5 years activity as a trainer.

c. A minimum rating of 2300 over a period of time.

d. Proof of teaching ability given by a demonstration lesson, presentation of or defending the trainer paper (in English or other FIDE language).

e. Successful participation in the Seminar.

2. Costs

a. The costs for travel will be borne by the sending Federation, Club or Participant.

b. The cost of the course is Euros 450.00 and includes fee, organization, hotel accommodation for 7 nights at the 4-star Sulaimaniyah Palace, all meals as well as all refreshments and snacks throughout the course, free access to Internet, course handouts and examination.

3. Payment & Registration

Payment for the seminar should be made together with submission of registration to Mr. Dhafer A. Madhloom ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), President, Iraqi Chess Federation.

Bankers: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Address: Al Murabba Branch, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates
P.O.Box: 68739
US Dollar Account Number: 11381190
Account Name: Asian Chess Federation
SWIFT Code: abdiaead

The closing date is 20th May 2009.

Registration Form you can find at
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