FIDE Trainers' Commission 3rd Tele-Meeting (06.06.2009) Minutes & Decisions Print
Tuesday, 16 June 2009 07:30

1. Rogaska Slatina Meeting: The Chairman informed on his meeting at the city of Rogaska Slatina, in May 2009 (see Downloads TRG Rogaska Slatina 2009-Minutes) and on the TRG's announcement made in various Web Sites (see Downloads TRG Info Commercial). The Council approved the contents.

2. Obituaries: Unfortunately two respected trainers passed away recently, Mikhail Podgaets and Alexander Panchenko. The Council approved the obituaries, which were uploaded on TRG's website (see Downloads TRG Obituaries).

3. FIDE Trainers Awards - Update: Council's proposal for the panel of FIDE Trainers Awards is:


1. Ignatius Leong (Singapore) – FIDE General Secretary
2. Zurab Azmaiparashvili (Georgia) – FIDE Vice-President
3. Ali Nihat Yazici (Turkey) – FIDE Vice-President
4. Susan Polgar (USA) – FIDE Co-Chairman Women Commission
5. Uwe Boensch (Germany) – GM/FST

6. Miguel Illescas (Spain) – GM/FST
7. Smbat Lputian (Armenia) – GM/FST


1. Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) – FIDE Honorary President

2. Aleksandr Beliavsky (Slovenia) – GM/FST

3. Silvino Garcia (Cuba) – GM/FST

4. Trainers Titles – Direct Approval Re-opening: We received an application form the Bolivian Chess Federation, concerning a potentional trainer title for Mr. Feruffino (Bolivia). Unfortunately we cannot accept it, but we have to think seriously to re-open a short period of direct approval titles for a limited number of trainers (see Downloads TRG Bolivia-Feruffino 1 & 2 & 3).

5. FIDE Trainers' Seminars 2009: The Council was informed about the following Seminars. Directors of Academies/Seminars must fill up the draft forms (applications) and send them to TRG for final approval:

N Town Country Dates Lecturers
1 Sulaimaniyah Iraq 27.05-01.06.2009 Long Peter (MAS)

Hassan Khaled (EGY)

2 Berlin Germany 25.06-30.06.2009 Boensch Uwe (GER)
3 Indianapolis USA 05.08-07.08.2009 Khodarkovsky Michael (USA)
4 Switzerland 07.08-12.08.2009 Mikhalchishin Adrian (SLO)

Boensch Uwe (GER)

5 Porto San Giorgio Italy 01.09-08.09.2009 Mikhalchishin Adrian (SLO)

Grivas Efstratios (GRE)

6 Antalya Turkey 13.11-20.11.2009 Mikhalchishin Adrian (SLO)

Grivas Efstratios (GRE)

It must be noted that the Iraq Seminar which was excellently handled by Mr. Peter Long and Mr. Hassan Khaled, was a great success for the TRG, as no less than 47 participants attended it (see previous post and Downloads TRG Iraq Seminar 2009 Report). It may be of interest that the seminar was the first international sports event held in Iraq for six years! Another first for chess!

The Council will inform FIDE on the payments (see Downloads TRG Iraq Seminar 2009 Payments). Also, the Trainers Archives were updated (See Downloads TRG Title Holders).

We also got some valuable info on Libya's FIDE Academy through FIDE General Secretary Mr. Igantius Leong: City: Tripoli, Director: Mrs. Khadija Zohdi, Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Title: Hay Alzohour.

On Porto San Giorgio Seminar the program and other details were prepared (See Downloads TRG Porto San Giorgio 2009 President 1 & 2 and TRG Porto San Giorgio 2009 Program).

Finally, the Antalya's Seminar will be the first one of a common cooperation between the TRG, the CACDEC and the ARIF/IOC. For the next four years (2009-2010-2011-2012) in every WYCC, a TRG Seminar will be held. The total fund for each seminar will be 7.000 Euros (see previous minutes and Downloads TRG Budget 2009) and it will be sponsored by ARISF (Association of Recognised International Sports Federations), which cooperates with IOC and CACDEC, on equal parts (50%). The program is already prepared (see Downloads TRG Antalya 2009 Program).

6. Evaluation of Educational Computer Programmes: The Committee (see previous minutes) work on this subject under the chairman Mr. Uwe Boensch.

Mr. Peter Long is kindly assisting and informed the Council that Mr. Mohr has asked him to look at the Slovenian online teaching program for schools but it is not a ready product - in sample mode - apparently also being discussed with Global Chess/FIDE and with the Chairman as a consultant.

Convekta (ChessOK) has also proposed that we look at a number of their products and he will begin doing this shortly (see Download TRG Convekta).

None of the other members of the committee has been in contact and it is sad so many other prominent products from DGT, ChessBase, Alburt, Polgar, etc. have not been submitted for our consideration.

7. Slovakia Academy: We received from the Slovakian Chess Federation a letter for support and cooperation on a potentional FIDE Academy. We passed the info to the FIDE Secretary and we will keep an eye on the subject (see Downloads TRG Slovakia 1 & 2).

8. FIDE Executive Board: The 80th Annual Congress will be held in the period from October 11th to 19th in Kallithea, Halkidiki, Greece at the G-Hotels Complex. The original intention to hold the Congress in Singapore was not possible when the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore was announced for the same dates, making it impossible to obtain reasonable hotel rates for attendees.

All the Council's decisions/proposals will come in force after the next Presidential Board's approval.

The Chairman Adrian Mikhailchisin
The Secretary Efstratios Grivas
Member Uwe Boensch
Member Peter Long
Member Michael Khodarkovsky
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