Report of the Orientation Workshop for Coaches Print
Wednesday, 29 July 2009 06:28

Mr. D.V. Sundar,
Hon Secretary
All India Chess Federation (AICF),

Report of the Orientation Workshop for Coaches (Incorporating FIDE Instructor Seminar for Coaches)


The first ever Orientation Workshop for Coaches which was held from 20-22 June 2009 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai, India and conducted by FIDE Trainer Peter Long and FIDE Instructor Praful Zaveri, was a big success.

Originally a National Instructor Level Workshop, a FIDE Instructor Level Examination was also offered on 23 June 2009 with the approval of FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong.

A total of 57 participants attended the three day Workshop, of which 17 became candidates for FIDE Trainer Certification, 10 for the FIDE Instructor title and 7 for the National Instructor title.

The Workshop included the following topics:

• Role of Trainers & FIDE Trainer System
• Organizing & Implementing Scholastics Chess Programs
• Teaching Beginners
• Offering a Foundation of Tactics, Combinations & Strategy of Attack
• Mating Motifs & Tactics Lesson Construction
• Use of Computer Software & Tools
• Endings
• How to Teach Chess Openings
• Teaching with Classical Games
• Professional Trainer's Workshop

Based on their performance during the Workshop which included three exams and a presentation, a total of 7 candidates were awarded the FIDE Instructor title. 8 other candidates qualified as National Instructors, and the remaining 2 candidates as Developmental Instructors as follows:

No. Name of the Participant State Rating Title Applied Title Awarded
1 Jayant Gokhale Maharshtra 2395 FI FI
2 Kalyan Kumar Andhra Pradesh 2210 FI FI
3 Kasi A.L. Tamilnadu 2240 FI FI
4 S.K. Khasim Andhra Pradesh 2120 FI FI
5 Sundarrajan K.P. Tamilnadu 0 FI FI
6 Raj Sen West Bengal 2148 FI FI
7 Muthukumar Tamilnadu 2105 FI FI
8 Srinivasa Rangan Tamilnadu 2095 FI NI
9 Parivel M. Tamilnadu 1955 FI NI
10 Singhai Niklesh Jain Madhya Pradesh 1969 FI NI
11 A. Suresh Kumar Tamilnadu 2125 FI NI
12 Brahmam S.K. Andhra Pradesh 2001 NI NI
13 M.R. Ananthan Tamilnadu Nil NI NI
14 Lakshmi Priya T.T. Tamilnadu 2005 FI FI
15 Vivek M. Tamilnadu 1579 NI NI
16 Rajinder Sharma Venkatesh Punjab Nil NI DI
17 Krishnamurhty Karnataka Nil NI DI

We thank AICF for facilitating the Workshop with providing world class conditions together with its usual excellent and personalized support throughout which ensured nothing was left wanting.

I would especially like to recognize the contribution of AICF Training Coordinator K. Visweswaran.

Peter Long
Chief Lecturer & Examiner

Date: 20th July 2009
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