FIDE Trainers' Commission (TRG) 7th Meeting & Telemeeting (17.11.2009) Minutes & Decisions Print
Monday, 07 December 2009 09:08

Note: In these meeting Adrian Mikhalchishin, Efstratios Grivas, Michael Khodarkovsky, Jovan Petronic and Mikhail Gurevich were physically present. Uwe Boensch was participated via Internet.

1. TRG Member Replacement: The Chairman informed on the decision for the replacement of Council member Mr. Peter Long with Mr. Jovan Petronic. The Council accepted the replacement and expressed its gratuitous to Mr. P. Long for his efforts and help to the TRG and welcomed Mr. J. Petronic. The later will take over the TRG duties of Mr. P. Long and will replace the relative announcements on the FIDE website (attached letters – 01-TRG-Commissions Changes & 01-TRG-Council & Councilors Members).

2. Applications for FST Title: We received applications for the FST Title from the following eight trainers: Allahverdiev Anar, Glek Igor, Grabinsky Vladimir, Guliev Sarhan, Plachetka Jan, Pukshansky Michael, Sher Miron and Srokowski Jaroslav (attached letters – 02-TRG-Application Allaverdiev 1 & 2 * 02-TRG-Application Glek 1 & 2 * 02-TRG-Application Grabinsky 1 & 2 * 02-TRG-Application Guliev * 02-TRG-Application Plachetka * 02-TRG-Application Pukshansky * 02-TRG-Application Sher * 02-TRG-Application Srokowski).

The Council examined the above trainers' applications and records, focused mainly on results, and collected various info. After length discussions and a ballot procedure, the Council decided on the followings:

2.1. Allahverdiev Anar (13400347-Azerbaijan):
Not all requirements are met (sufficient results, etc). FST will not be awarded but the FT will be given instead.

2.2. Glek Igor (4100484-Germany): Not all requirements are met (endorsement from National Federation, sufficient results). FST will not be awarded but the FT will be given instead.

2.3. Grabinsky Vladimir (14107074-Ukraine): All requirements are met. FST will be awarded.

2.4. Guliev Sarhan (13400231-Azerbaijan): Not all requirements are met (endorsement from National Federation, sufficient results). FST will not be awarded but the FT will be given instead.

2.5. Plachetka Jan (14900068-Slovakia): All requirements are met. FST will be awarded.

2.6. Pukshansky Michael (4102932-United States of America): Not all requirements are met (endorsement from National Federation, sufficient results, etc). FST will not be awarded but the FT will be given instead.

2.7. Sher Miron (2019574-United States of America-FIDE Trainer): Not all requirements are met (endorsement from National Federation, sufficient results). FST will not be awarded.

2.8. Srokowski Jaroslav (14100479-Ukraine): All requirements are met. FST will be awarded.

The Secretary will inform FIDE office on the procedures and the titles awarded will be valid when approved by the PB (January 2010).

03. Application from Slovak Academy: The Council was informed on the application of a new Academy in Slovak Republic (attached letters – 03-TRG-Slovak Academy 1 & 2 & 3) and the meeting between TRG Chairman and Secretary and the President of the Slovak Chess Federation Mr. Martin Huba (Novi Sad – October 2009). The Council expresses its support and endorsement but reminds that it is up to the GS and FIDE to decide.

04. TRG Titles & Seminars Procedures: The Council was informed on the procedure of the TRG titles' approval in the PB or GA (attached letter – 04-TRG-Titles Procedures).

On what concerns the FST title procedure and award, TRG would like to clarify (and revise when needed) the following:

According to Rules and Decisions, the following criteria of Qualification should be taken into consideration:

- Proposal/endorsement from National federation
- Minimum 10 years experience as a Trainer or FIDE Trainer
- Tertiary education
- Rating of minimum 2450 or for a time
- Speaks English
- Have World/International successes

The latest criteria qualification should be clarified as follows and the applicant must meet at least one of them:

1. Trainer of Olympic medal winning team.
2. Trainer of World Champions.
3. Trainer of Challengers of World Champions (final match).
4. Trainer of Continental team gold medal winner.
5. Trainer of Continental individual champion.
6. Trainer of more than 3 World Champions in Youth and Juniors’ categories.
7. Trainer - Founder of chess schools, who prepared more than 3 IGMs.
8. Trainer who originated and developed educational systems.

In general, FST applicants should have published materials like manuals, books or series of articles.

It is reminded that all applications must be sent through the National Federations. From now on this requirement would be obligatory (attached letter – 04-TRG-FST Application).

Finally, it is strongly reminded that the most important criteria of a FST title is the World/International Successes and the TRG Council will mainly focus on that.

For the FST Award a ballot among the five TRG Board members will take place and a 70% positive number (YES = 20% * Abstain = 10% * NO = 0%) will be in need. In case that the application fails, the FIDE Trainer title can be awarded (decision of the FIDE General Secretary).

On what concerns TRG Seminars, the following are reminded (and revised when needed):

Recent regulations can be found in TRG Minutes of 24.07.2009 which has been approved by FIDE Congress (October 2009).

All Seminars are conducted by Teachers who must hold the FST title (TRG Minutes 30.04.2009 – approved by PB - June 2009). This title will be renamed to Lecturers / Seminar Leaders. All Lecturers / Seminar Leaders are appointed by the TRG once per year and applications are in need in order to add new FST in the list (see attached letter – 04-TRG-Lecturers-Seminar Leaders). In each seminar two Lecturers / Seminar Leaders will be in charge. Exceptions are allowed if beforehand approved by TRG Council. Assistants (other titled trainers, psychologists, etc) are allowed.

On Mr. Jorge Vega (Continental President of America) request, two new Lecturers / Seminar Leaders (Spanish language speaking) were approved: Jesus Nogueiras (Cuba) and Vera Gonzalez Reinaldo (Cuba). So, today P/SL are 20.

TRG Council wishes to make clear that Lecturers / Seminar Leaders are highly skilled professionals, each with many years of experience in the chess training field of expertise. They combine the powers of a professional trainer and expert practitioner, offering proven teaching and facilitation skills that will ensure an active and participatory learning experience.

The Council endorsed the Secretary to form a Rules Dictionary on FIDE Trainers Titles and Seminars, based on the decisions of FIDE, TRG Minutes and Seminars’ Prospectus.

05. Evaluation Programmes for School: The Council informed on a request that concerns the evaluation of the 'Balagium School Program' (attached letter – 05-TRG-Balagium 1 & 2). TRG members M. Khodarkovsky and J. Petronic will evaluate it and inform the Council.

06. Changes on the Trainers List Details: The Secretary informed on changes in Trainers' List and on the relevant procedures (attached letters – 06-TRG-Title Holders-Financial Status and 06-TRG-Differences).

07. Design, Code of Ethics & TRG Texts: The Council was informed on Member's Jovan Petronic proposals on diplomas’ design, Code of Ethics for Trainers and improving TRG Texts. The Council approved the changes and endorsed Mr. J. Petronic to come up with a detailed analysis/proposal to be followed (attached letter – 07-TRG-Petronic Proposals).

08. WYCC – Antalya 2009 TRG Seminar: The Council was met again on 20.11.2009 to approve the results of the relative FIDE seminar that was held during the WYCC (13-20.11.2009), as it was approved in TRG Minutes 06.06.2009. The members expressed their satisfaction for the successful participation and general procedures and the relative invoice (08-TRG-Invoice November 2009 – in red colour the Trainers that did not improved their title) was prepared by Secretary for FIDE (also including direct-approval FST & FT titles of TRG’s last two meetings).

All Council's decisions/proposals will come in force after the next General Assembly's or Presidential Board's approval.

The present Minutes will be announced on TRG website. The attached letters will not be announced till their approval by the General Secretary.

The Chairman Adrian Mikhailchisin
The Secretary Efstratios Grivas
Councillor Mikhail Gurevich
Member Uwe Boensch
Member Jovan Petronic
Member Michael Khodarkovsky
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