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Thursday, 17 June 2010 07:25

1. Objective: To educate and certify Trainers and Chess-Teachers on an international basis. This FIDE Trainers Seminar for FIDE Trainer Titles Diploma is approved by FIDE and the FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG). The seminar is co-organised by the CACDEC (sponsor), the FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG) and the Russian Chess Federation. 

2. Dates: 24th to 26th September 2010. 

3. Location: Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. 

4. Participants - Qualification / Professional Skills Requirements: 

FIDE/TRG will award the following titles, according to the approved TRG Guide:

1.2. Titles’ Descriptions / Requirements / Awards:

1.2.4. National Instructor (NI) Scope / Mission:

a. Raised the level of competitive chess players to a national level standard.

b. Instructed/trained players with rating up to 1700.

c. School teacher. Qualification / Professional Skills Requirements:

a. Minimum two years experience as Developmental Instructor (level).

b. Achieved a career top FIDE or National ELO rating of 1700 (strength).

c. Trainees have minimum top-10 placing in recognized national level competitions.

d. TRG seminar Norm. Title Award:

a. By successful participation in a TRG Seminar.

1.2.5. Developmental Instructor (DI) Scope / Mission:

a. Spread the love for chess among children and methodically bring them to a competitive level.

b. Instructions for Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate and Recreational level players.

c. School teacher. Qualification / Professional Skills Requirements:

a. Knows the FIDE Laws of Chess (Basic Rules of Play and Competition Rules).

b. Achieved a career top FIDE or National ELO rating of 1400 (strength).

c. TRG seminar Norm. Title Award:

a. By successful participation in a TRG Seminar.

5. Number of Participants: Maximum of 40 Trainers based on first-come first-serve basis.

6. Order of Events:


September 24th

Day 1



September 25th

Day 2



September 26th

Day 3


7. Lectures / Exercises: The FIDE Trainers Seminar will take-up 10 hours. The lectures will be conducted in the English language and a lesson hour equals to 45 minutes. A projector and a microphone will be in use during the lectures.

8. Trainer Certificate / Diploma:

1.3. Procedures / Financial:

a. After successful graduation from the seminar course, each participant will receive a participation certificate signed by the Lecturer / Seminar Leader.

b. After the detailed report submission by the Lecturer / Seminar Leader to TRG, the later will submit the titles’ applications/proposals to FIDE for approval by an official body (PB, EB or GA).

c. Following approval, the trainer will receive the official diploma badge (the badge shall include the photograph of the trainer and the license validity) from FIDE, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

c1. Requirements (Qualification) for each title as described above.

c2. Diploma of the successful participation in the FIDE Trainer Seminar (except for FST).

c3. Written examinations (except for FST).

c4. Payments of FIDE fees (participation and titles), according to the following table:

Title Awarded

Title Award (one-time)

Licence Fee (valid for 4 years)

National Instructor

50 Euros

30 Euros

Developmental Instructor

50 Euros

30 Euros

d. The FIDE fee by a participant to a TRG seminar is 100 euros and it must be paid to the affiliated federation/body, co-organiser of the Seminar. The affiliated federation/body, co-organiser will be invoiced by FIDE for the total amount of the participants’ fees.

e. It is allowed for a participant to pay for his Title Fee in advance to the affiliated federation/body co-organiser or to FIDE directly. In this case he/she must inform FIDE in written form for his action. In case that his/her Title fails to be approved by FIDE, the Title Fee is not refundable.

f. A titled Trainer will be charged a ‘Licence Fee’ after two calendar years have passed since the title was awarded. Each licence will be valid for four (4) years. (ex) World Champions and the FST of the 2004 Direct Approval (founders) are exempt from these licence regulations. Failing to fulfil the licence’s obligations will lead to a suspension from the trainers’ titles lists.

g. English language is the official language for communication and applications between TRG and Trainers.

9. Costs: The costs for travel, board & lodging will be born by the sending federation, club or participant. There will be neither seminar nor FIDE fee as this seminar is sponsored by FIDE. All handouts and examination will be free.

10. Enrolment: The deadline for enrolment is 22nd September 2010.

11. Board and Lodging: According to special announcement by the Official Olympiad Prospectus.

12. Lecturers: The program would be fullfield by FST Adrian Mikhalchishin, Uwe Boensch, Efstratios Grivas, Michael Khodarkovsky and Georg Mohr.

The lectures were prepared by TRG members.  

13. Seminar Plan: The detailed plan of lectures / examinations will be as follows:

Day 1







FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG)

TRG - A Look at the Past

Trainers’ Ranking / FIDE Guide


Physical and Psychological Factors

Nutritional Practices of Chess Grandmasters

Differences Between Boys and Girls in Chess


Day 2







Nature or Nurture

Chess Literature

Trainers’ Common Mistakes


Getting to Know Ourselves

Building a Repertoire

Middlegame & Endgame Theory


Day 3































The Role of Classics

Working with Classical Games


Technique of Analysis

Chess Intuition


Basic / Typical Plans

The Role of Prophylactic Thinking


Principles of Opening Play

The Golden Rules of the Endgame


How to Think in Endgames



14. Information & Registration:

TRG Secretary Efstratios Grivas < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >


Participants’ List

Participant’s Personal ID/Registration

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