Armenia will make chess a compulsory subject in primary schools from 2011 Print
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 10:37

Armenia will make chess a compulsory subject in primary schools from 2011.
“Learning to play chess in the schools will create a solid foundation for the transformation of Armenia into a chess superpower,” - said the representative of the Ministry of Education, Arman Aivazian. In total, Armenia will spend $ 1.5 million on the introduction of the new subject. The Ministry of Education of Armenia has allocated $ 480,000 for the teaching of chess in primary schools, the publication of textbooks and teaching aids for teachers and the purchase of chess equipment. Another $ 1 million will be allocated for the purchase of tables and chairs to play chess.
“From 2011 the children of Armenia starting at the age of six will learn chess for two hours a week. Chess lessons will develop the mental abilities of children and teach them to think flexibly and wisely”, - said Arman Aivazian. The Minister of Education and Science of Armenia, Armen Ashotyan added that the Armenian Chess Academy was doing a great job and Armenia “wants their method of teaching to become one of the best in the world”.
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