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Thursday, 14 June 2012 15:46

The FIDE Constitutional Commission met over the weekend 8-9 June 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland and reviewed proposals for changes to Statutes by David Jarrett as directed by the Presidential Board, and other proposals. In photo above are, clockwise from left, Judge Roberto Rivello (ITA), concurrent Chairman of the FIDE Ethics Commission, Willy Iclicki (MNC), Constitutional Commission Chairman Casto Abundo (PHI), Commission Secretary Francois Strydom (RSA) and Edward Thompson (GHA).

Meetings on FIDE Statutes are scheduled 2nd September 2012 during the FIDE Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.

IOCTo have an informed discussion of the proposed changes to FIDE Statutes, we provide below the links to Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) official web sites and Statutes, and excerpt below their provisions for nominations.

FINA_logoAquatics: Federation Internationale de Natation - FINA (Statutes)

C.17.3 Candidates for Bureau membership shall be proposed by the Member from which they come. 

world_archery_smallArchery: International Archery Federation - FITA (Statutes)
1.7.18. Nominations for offices shall be submitted only by Member Associations. One person cannot be a candidate for more than two positions. The person nominating a candidate shall include a written statement by the nominee that he belongs to a Member Association and is willing to accept such office, if elected.
iaafAthletics: International Association of Athletics Federations - IAAF (Statutes)
Elections: 24. All nominations shall have been submitted to the General Secretary at least three months prior to the date of the Congress. In all cases, nominations can only be made by the Member to which the candidate is affiliated. Members shall be limited to nominating one person for election to each position.

200px-BWF_logo_svg_copyBadminton: Badminton World Federation BWF (Statutes)
17.14. Subject to being in good standing, each Member Association shall be entitled to appoint not more than two delegates to represent it at every General Meeting... Only one delegate from each Member Association shall cast all the votes to which the Association is entitled.

22.5. To be eligible for election at the meeting, a nominee must be among that year’s nominated delegates.

fiba_logo_horizontalBasketball: Federation Internationale de Basketball FIBA (Statutes)
Article 40 Nomination by National Federation - A person to be elected to the Central Board or to the Zone Board must be proposed for office by his national member federation.
AIBABoxing (Amateur): International Boxing Association  - AIBA (Statutes)

35.1 Candidates for the Presidency must:

(C) be nominated by their respective National Federation.

Current_canoe_logoCanoeing: International Canoe Federation - ICF (Statutes)
4. Candidates for election to the ICF Board of Directors may be nominated by their National Federation, which should notify the ICF Headquarters three (3) months before the Congress. This must be done in writing and signed by the President and/or Secretary General of the National Federation concerned.
5. The ICF Board of Directors with the agreement of the National Federation concerned may also make nominations.

Union_Cycliste_InternationaleCycling: Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI / ICU) (Statutes)

Article 51

1. The candidates for the presidency shall be nominated by the federation of the candidate.

150px-FEIEquestrianismFederation Equestre Internationale - FEI (Statutes)
2.8 Candidates for membership to the Bureau and all Standing Committees must be Supported by their respective National Federations subject to Article 24.1.
24.1 All candidates for Bureau membership must be proposed by and have the Support of their respective National Federations, with the exception of the Chair of the Athletes’ Committee who may be proposed by any entity or person officially recognized by the FEI but must still be Supported by his or her National Federation which cannot unreasonably withhold its Support.

150px-FielogoFencing: Federation Internationale d'Escrime FIE (Statutes)
Chapter IV - Process for the Election of the President, Executive Committee and the Commissions

4.1.1 The President of the F.I.E., the 15 other elected members of the Executive Committee and the members of the commissions (other than the Athletes Commission) are elected by the Elective Congress. They are eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office.
4.1.2 Candidates for any elective post may be proposed either by an F.I.E. Member Federation, subject to the following conditions:
- only one candidate may be proposed by each Member Federation for each post
- a candidate for the Executive Committee or for a Commission can only be presented by the Member Federation.

fifaFootball: Federation Internationale de Football Association - FIFA (Statutes)

24.1 Only Members may propose candidates for the office of FIFA President.

GymnasticsGymnastics: Federation Internationale de Gymnastique - FIG (Statutes)

11.15.1 Candidates must be nominated by their own federation.

Candidates must be nominated by their own federation (of which they are citizen) at least six months before the Congress ...

IHFHandball (team): International Handball Federation IHF (Statutes)

Nominations may be submitted by the Council, the Executive Committee and by Member Federations. First-time candidates must be nominated by the respective Member Federation only. A candidate who is in office has to submit an official application in writing to stand for re-election.

Hockey_Federation_LogoHockey (field): International Hockey Federation FIH (Statutes)

9.2d Candidates for election (or re-election as the case may be) as the President or as an Ordinary member of the Executive Board must be nominated by their own NA and must be a citizen of that country.

judoJudoInternational Judo Federation IJF (Statutes)

11.4 Individual candidacies and the candidates presented on the lists of the candidates for the office of President must be duly signed by the President of the National Federation the candidate is a member of. All candidates must also be citizens of the countries of the Federation presenting their candidacies. Any EC Members running for re-election do not need the confirmation of their National Federation.

pentathlonModern pentathlonUnion Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne UIPM (Statutes)

3.1 Nominations must be signed by the President or by the Secretary General of the respective National Federation.

RowingRowingFederation Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron - FISA (Statutes)

5. The notice will call for nominations for the positions to be elected by the Congress. The nomination shall be made by the member federation of the person nominated and shall be received at FISA headquarters no later than three months before the date of the Congress.

rugbyRugby unionInternational Rugby Board - IRB (Bye-laws)

9.1 Representatives on Council
The Council shall consist of: (a) Two Representatives from each of the Foundation Unions, each of which Representatives shall have one vote;
9.7 (a) The Officers shall be elected by the Council initially from the Representatives usually but not necessarily ...
(b) The voting procedure for the Officers shall be as follows: All candidates for Officer positions will be proposed and seconded by members of Council.

sailingSailingInternational Sailing Federation - ISAF (Constitution)

74. Five or more Member National Authorities may nominate any eligible person as a candidate for such offices provided that such nominations are received by the Secretary General at least eight weeks before the commencement of the meeting.

76. The Election Committee shall: (a) determine whether or not a nominated candidate is eligible for election; (b) publish a list of eligible candidates nominated in accordance with Article 74 together with the names of their nominating Member National Authorities for distribution with the agendas of Council (c) be responsible for the conduct of the election and the votes taken for the candidates during the meeting of the General Assembly.

shootingShootingInternational Shooting Sport Federation - ISSF (Statutes)

To Article 1.5.3
A candidate nominated for election or re-election to any position in the ISSF, must be a current member of, and have the support of, his national Federation or be a current member and have the support of another Federation.

ITTFTable tennisInternational Table Tennis Federation - ITTF (Statutes)

1.12.01 Nominations for President, Executive Vice-Presidents, Presidents of Continental Federations and members of the Board or Committees may be made only with the consent of the Association of which the nominee is a member...

Taekwondo_Federation_LogoTaekwondo: World Taekwondo Federation - WTF (Statutes)
i) Only MNA executive board members (or if there is no executive board of a corresponding organ as determined by the ad-hoc Elections Committee) can be nominated as candidates for elected WTF Officials, including the presidency, with the recommendation of the pertinent MNA.
International_Tennis_FederationTennisInternational Tennis Federation - ITF (Statutes)

(B) Nomination for the post of President may be made only by Class B Members who have played in the Davis Cup at least ten (10) times, or by the Board of Directors.

triathlon_w_rings_text_finalTriathlon: International Triathlon Union ITU (Statutes)

27.2 All candidates for election must:
a) Be nominated by their NF of citizenship or residence...

weightliftingWeightliftingInternational Weightlifting Federation - IWF (Statutes)

9.1.3 Affiliated National Federations may only propose bona fide candidates who are members of the National Federation. Candidates must hold the nationality (proven by copy of valid passport) of the country they represent. A candidate may be nominated only by one National Federation to any IWF position even in case of double or multiple nationalities.

wrestlingWrestlingFederation Internationale des Luttes Aociees - FILA (Statutes)
Article 17 - Only one candidate per country with an affiliated Federation is eligible as a candidate for the membership of the FILA Bureau. A candidate shall be nominated by his/her National Federation by registered letter sent to the FILA secretariat at least three months before the elections. Any nomination must be justified and all candidates must speak one of FILA's official languages (French or English).
Re-election of the Bureau members:
a. Bureau members can stand for re-election.
b. Bureau members and the FILA President are elected in an official capacity. In no way do they
represent their National Federation.
c. A Bureau member, including the President, who comes to the end of his mandate, can put
himself forward without having his National Federation's agreement.

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