The Mayors of the 85 sister cities of Moscow have received presents on the International Chess Day Print
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 07:46
Mr. Vladimir Palikhata, President of the Moscow Chess Federation

The Mayors of the 85 sister cities of Moscow, together with that of Moscow's partner city, Paris, have received from Mr. Vladimir Palikhata, President of the Moscow Chess Federation, a chess set to mark International Chess Day. "I hope that with the help of chess you will be able to get rid of some part of stress while managing the big city and to enjoy playing this wise game," - is stated in the congratulatory telegram.

Chess sets from Moscow were sent to London, Vienna, Tokyo, Chicago, Santiago as well as 80 other cities.

"I am happy to congratulate the Mayors on this holiday. I know that some of them are already good chess players. This may make the others interested in this game," - said Mr. Palikhata.

"Vladimir Palikhata believes that the development and strengthening of partner relationships of Moscow Chess Federation on an international level is important," - commented Mr. Nikita Kim, Vice President of Moscow Chess Federation.

The Mayors of the sister cities will receive the classical chess sets which are used during international tournaments.

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