FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Ptolemaida, Greece - RESULTS Print
Friday, 26 October 2012 06:39

fide trainers seminar

Dear Participants,

Here are the results (FIDE Titles) that I decided that they should be distributed to you. In order to finalise my decisions I took into consideration your ID-Cards and the valuable info you provided and further one that I was able to collect, your general behaviour and attendance during the seminar and of course the written exams. 


Name FED Award
Alexiou, Dimitra GRE DI
Antoniadou, Paraskevi GRE NI
Foltopoulos, Ioannis GRE NI
Fotiadis, Antonios GRE NI
Gekas, Sokratis GRE NI
GoutzIos, Dimitrios GRE DI
Haravitsidis, Miltiadis GRE NI
Hatzopoulos, Konstantinos GRE FI
Iliadou, Maria GRE DI
Kosmidis, Ioannis GRE DI
Krziz, Martin GRE NI
Mellios, Athanasios GRE NI
Minas, Ioannis GRE NI
Pamporis, Vasileios GRE DI
Pokiakis, Georgios GRE NI
Rizou, Athina GRE DI
Simeoforidis, Stavros GRE FI
Soudis, Stefanos GRE DI
Souliotis, Athanasios GRE DI
Tallidis, Georgios GRE NI
Theofilaktidis, Efstathios GRE NI
Zacharidis, Konstantinos GRE DI

The Lecturer
Efstratios Grivas

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