FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Al-Ain, UAE, 23-26 December 2012 - RESULTS Print
Thursday, 27 December 2012 07:08
fide trainers seminar

FIDE Trainers’ Seminar for FIDE Trainer Titles

Al-Ain, 23-26.12.2012

During the World Cities Championship Festival, a FIDE Trainers’ Seminar was conducted in Al-Ain. The seminar was organised by the Al-Ain Chess Club in cooperation with the Asian Chess Federation Academy and the United Arab Emirates Chess Federation, under the auspices and supervision of FIDE and FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG). It was sponsored by the Abu-Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) & the Sports Care Program.

The seminar was lectured by the FIDE Trainers’ Commission Chairman Adrian Mikhalchishin (GM & FST) and Secretary Efstratios Grivas (GM & FST) and lasted for 24 hours (16 obligatory and 8 optional). 24 participants from 14 federations (Bangladesh: 1 * Egypt: 4 * France: 1 * India: 1 * Iran: 1 * Morocco: 2 * Pakistan: 1 * Philippines: 3 * Russia: 1 * Serbia: 1 * Syria: 2 * United Arab Emirates: 1 * Uganda: 4 * Ukraine: 1) attended the lectures in a comfortable hall of the Hilton Al-Ain hotel. The level of the participation was rather high, as 5 GMs, 1 WGM, 6 IM, 2 FM and 2 CM could be found among the trainers! The average FIDE peak rating was on 2318!

Every participant was handed the ‘FIDE TRG Syllabus’ book before the seminar and was sent various valuable training material and general info in electronical form afterwards

Dear Participants,

Here are the results (FIDE Titles) that we decided that they should be distributed to you. In order to finalise our decisions we took into consideration your ID-Cards and the valuable info you provided and further one that we were able to collect, your general behaviour and attendance during the seminar and of course the written exams.

Name FED Award
1 Abdel Razik, Khaled Egypt FT
2 Abramovic, Bosko Serbia -
3 Al Taher, Tarek Ali United Arab Emirates FI
4 Bibasa, Bob Uganda FI
5 Dhanesh, Shrikhande India FI
6 Dimakiling, Oliver Philippines -
7 Farouk, Hudaifa Syria DI
8 Frhat, Ali Egypt FT
9 Georg, Magdy Egypt FT
10 Hamdouchi, Adina-Maria France FT
11 Karim, Ismael Morocco FT
12 Kawuma, Patrick Uganda FI
13 Kisuze, Stephen Uganda FI
14 Lodhi, Mahmood Ahmed Khan Pakistan FT
15 Luggya, Vianney Uganda NI
16 Mahjoob, Morteza Iran FT
17 Miroshnichenko, Evgenij Ukraine -
18 Mokhtar, Ahmed Egypt FI
19 Paragua, Mark Philippines -
20 Raes, Abdul Kader Syria FI
21 Raetsky, Alexander Russia FT
22 Senador, Emmanuel Philippines -
23 Tissir, Mohamed Morocco FT
24 Uddin, Saif Bangladesh FI

The Lecturers
Adrian Mikhalchishin
Efstratios Grivas


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