FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Tunis, Tunisia - RESULTS Print
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 08:13
fide trainers seminar

FIDE Trainers’ Seminar for FIDE Trainer Titles
Tunis, 27-29.12.2012

Dear Participants,

Here are the results (FIDE Titles) that I decided that they should be distributed to you. In order to finalise my decisions I took into consideration your ID-Cards and the valuable info you provided and further one that I was able to collect, your general behaviour and attendance during the seminar and of course the written exams.

Name FED Award
1 Alzantuti, Yousef Libya NI
2 Asabryi, Hassan Libya FI
3 Ben Nasser, Khaled Libya FI
4 Bensrity, Zakaria Libya FI
5 Chamam, Nazih Tunisia NI
6 Chouari, Wajdi Tunisia FT
7 Dridi, Abderrazek Tunisia NI
8 El-Mezwaghi, Husein Libya NI
9 Emhemed, Mohamed Libya NI
10 Erghei, Nureddin Libya NI
11 Essewe, Abdelbaset Libya NI
12 Madi, Emad Libya FI
13 Mosetlhe, Kgaugelo South Africa FI
14 Sadaga, Salah Libya NI
15 Salem, Mahjob Libya FI
16 Taeib, Sahbi Tunisia FI
17 Tritar, Kamel Tunisia NI
18 Zenaidi, Kais Tunisia NI

The Lecturer,
Mikhail Gurevich

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