FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Iasi, Romania - RESULTS Print
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 08:10

fide trainers seminar

Dear Participants,

Here are the FIDE Titles that I decided should be distributed to you. In order to finalise my decisions, I took into consideration your ID-Cards and the valuable info you provided and further information that I was able to collect, your general behaviour and attendance during the seminar and of course the written exams.

Name FED FIDE ID Award
1 Ardelean, George Catalin ROM 1207091 FT
2 Axinte, Stefan ROM 1215795 NI
3 Calder, Dennis GER 4697359 FI
4 Danilov, Vladimir ROM 1203398 FT
5 Filip, Lucian ROM 1208900 FT
6 Foisor, Cristina-Adela ROM 1200496 FT
7 Foisor, Ovidiu-Doru ROM 1200143 FT
8 Garbea, Bogdan ROM 1213733 FI
9 Grigore, Nicoale-Petre ROM 1204890 FT
10 Grunberg, Sergiu-Henric ROM 1200194 FT
11 Ionita, Mariana ROM 1201794 FI
12 Marasescu, Ioan ROM 1200828 FT
13 Nanu, Ana-Daniela ROM 1206400 FI
14 Nanu, Costica-Ciprian ROM 1204580 FT
15 Padurariu, Ioanna-Smaranda ROM 1210947 FI
16 Petre, Nad-Titus ROM 1204165 FT
17 Schiopu, Ioan-Dorel ROM 1231103 NI
18 Stefanache, Mihail ROM 1214250 FI
19 Szabo, Gergely-Andras-Gyula ROM 1205064 FT
20 Ungureanu, Vlad ROM 1207342 FT

The Lecturer
Efstratios Grivas

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