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Friday, 16 November 2007 00:00
The 78th FIDE Congress (Executive Board) was held November 11 to 16 in Antalya, Turkey. The members reviewed the developments of the chess world since the last Olympiad in Turin and examined the work of the FIDE Commissions and offices. , with photos.

The 78th FIDE Congress (iExecutive Board) was held November 11 to 16 in Antalya, Turkey. The members reviewed the developments of the chess world since the last Olympiad in Turin and examined the work of the FIDE Commissions and offices.

In his report, President Ilyumzhinov advised that, in 95 countries of the world, chess is recognised as a sport and in 75 countries the National Chess Federations are full members of the National Olympic Committees. In several countries a chess player has been nominated and selected as the sportsman/sportswoman of the year. FIDE will continue its efforts to bring chess into the family of Olympic sports under IOC rules and he criticized the negligent attitude of some National Chess Federations for not responding to the request of the FIDE office to provide data and answers to the IOC questionnaire.

The President mentioned many successful chess events, including the World Chess Championship tournament in Mexico City and he again congratulated the World Chess Champion, GM Viswanathan Anand. He highlighted the fact that the Asian Games and African Games included chess and congratulated Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nehayan and Khalifa Al Hitmi for their work. He also introduced a new project for development, including a package which would create chess houses and museums in cities in all FIDE countries. This project will be guided by Mr. David Kaplan, the newly appointed Development Director.

The President advised that whilst GM Vladimir Kramnik had accepted the conditions for the World Championship Match in 2008 and had signed the contract, GM Anand had raised several points. He asked Deputy President, Giorgios Makropoulos, to conduct negotiations with UEP, GM Anand and GM Kramnik to enable the contract to be signed.

The Congress discussed and approved agreements between FIDE and Global Chess with regards to commercial and fund-raising activities and on the management of FIDE`s website. President Ilyumzhinov advised that these agreements would free FIDE from several tasks and allow it to concentrate on strategic matters. To ensure complete openness and that there was no conflict of interest, Mr. Geoffrey Borg then resigned from his position as FIDE Vice President and the President appointed him as FIDE Commercial Director. In an unanimous decision, the Executive Board approved that Mr. Khalifa Al Hitmi should take his place. Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici, President of the Turkish Chess Federation was then nominated as a FIDE Vice President by President Ilyumzhinov.

New FIDE Vice President Ali Nihat Yazici on stage with Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos and Executive Director David Jarrett.

According to the Treasurer’s report, FIDE’s financial position is solid. The Executive Board approved his report and a new regulation for tournament registration fees.

FIDE now has offices in Athens, Elista, Singapore and Lausanne. The Congress recognized that chess activity is increasing and there is a growing demand for information on chess activities by national committees, international organizations and media. A Chess Administrator Seminar will be held in December for officials of national federations in Singapore in order to assist with this.

The Executive Board approved the restructuring of Commissions and Committees and their new working processes as drawn up by General Secretary Ignatius Leong with the assistance of FIDE Auditor Lakhdar Mazouz. The restructuring rationalised the number and activities of these Commissions and Committees. The Executive Board accepted the recommendations of the Committee on Women’s Chess, in particular new Women’s tournaments. Approval was also given for the Ethics Commission to work on new rules on dealing with cheating in chess events.

The Executive Board approved new rules for Chess Olympiads, which will come into effect at the 2008 Dresden Olympiad. As there are many significant changes, FIDE draws the attention of national federations to ensure that they and their players are acquainted with the new rules before they attend the Olympiad.

The Executive Board discussed and approved the recommendation of the Trainer’s Committee to draft a FIDE manual for trainers to support their work in teaching chess at different levels and also took note of the remark that the Trainer’s Academy should issue certificates for those who successfully completed courses in time.

By secret ballot, the Executive Board decided to award the World Youth Championship for 2009 to Turkey and 2010 to Greece and by unanimous decisions awarded other events as will be published on the FIDE Calendar.

FIDE Honorary President Florencio Campomanes voting to chosse between World Youth bidders.

The Executive Board accepted the Treasurer’s FIDE Budget for 2008.

The Dresden Organising Committee advised the Executive Board that the Dresden City Council had approved the full budget requested for the event in their meeting held on 15th November, 2007. The Mayor of Dresden, Herr Winfried Lehmann will be arriving in Antalya on 16th November, 2007 to sign the contract with FIDE.

The President of the Turkish Chess Federation, Mr. Ali Yazici hosted a gala dinner for all the participants, where he made a presentation of an Universal Chess Portal created by the Turkish Chess Federation for spreading news, promoting chess events, registering participants in tournaments and other matters and said that any Federation is welcome to join this system.

FIDE Rating Administrator Casto Abundo in chair for the Computer chess and Internet committee.
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