Press Release - Presidential Board meeting in Mexico City Print
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 00:00
Concurrent to the World Chess Championship tournament in Mexico City, FIDE Presidential Board held its 3rd Quarter meeting, 13-14 September 2007. Read the press release.

Presidential Board meeting in Mexico City

Press Release

Concurrent to the World Chess Championship tournament in Mexico City, FIDE Presidential Board held its 3rd Quarter meeting, 13-14 September 2007.

While President Ilyumzhinov - being adviced not to take longer trips because of medical reasons - could not attend the meeting, in his report sent he emphasized the growing interest among young people and in schools for chess. The phenomenon and its significance was clearly shown in the well-organized Asian Youth Championship. He also got the same impression in Kazakhstan, in Azerbaijan, in the Baltic countries, in the World Youth U-16 Olympiad held in Singapore - in all the places he recently visited. Many countries, including those mentioned, are introducing chess in schools and creating favourable conditions - with the support of FIDE - for promoting chess among youngsters. The President positively acknowledged the agreement concluded between FIDE and Global Chess as well as the increasing activities of the Public Relations and Marketing Directorate and called attention to the role these institutions and the CHIPS Comission can play in achieving a kind of breakthrough in the fields of marketing chess and in mass media relations.

In the meeting, the Presidential Board devoted special attention to the forthcoming events, including Chess Olympiad 2008 and Chess Olympiad 2010, World Cup 2007, Women World Championship and World Youth Championships. According to its decision, Women World Chess Championship 2008 will be held in Argentina. In respect to the World Youth Chess Championship 2009, the Executive Board will decide the winner from among the 9 bidders, taken into consideration the 3 bidders (Montenegro, Argentina and Turkey) recommended by the PB. The PB has decided to re-emphasize all the requirements of the Chess Olympiad 2008 in a letter to be sent to the organizer in order to ensure the organization and the highest possible quality level of the event.

In addition to FIDE administrative matters, the Presidential Board approved titles for players and accepted the nomination of new international arbiters. The PB recommends to the Executive Board to approve the rules of player`s behaviour suggested by the Ethics Comission and to review and make a final decision on the restructuring of FIDE Comissions. Finally, at the request of the organizer, the PB calls the attention of the players qualified for the World Cup 2007 to submit related documents and data to the organizer by the deadline in order to ensure their timely arrival to the scene of the tournament.

Peter Rajcsanyi
PR and Marketing Director

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