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Monday, 29 January 2007 00:00
FIDE is publishing the Press Release of the 1st quarter FIDE Presidential Board that was held in Antalya, Turkey from 26-29 January 2007 at the invitation of the Turkish Chess Federation. Please read 1st FIDE Presidential Board 2007 Press Release in word format.
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FIDE is publishing the Press Release of the 1st quarter FIDE Presidential Board that was held in Antalya, Turkey from 26-29 January 2007 at the invitation of the Turkish Chess Federation.

Please read 1st quarter FIDE Presidential Board 2007 Press Release in word format.

Presidential Board Meeting
January 26-28th, 2007

The Presidential Board held its meeting at the invitation of the Turkish Chess Federation at Antalya, Turkey between January 26-28th, 2007.

The key issues in the crowded agenda were:

1. The goals and tasks of FIDE in the year 2007.

Apart from the change in the management style of FIDE introduced last year in the Elista Board meeting and the fruitful results of which can be already seen, President Kirsan N. Ilyumzhinov gave a positive summary of the work of FIDE of the last year. He emphasized that the President and the Board members should be more active in connection with the national federations. Since his re-election, he has visited more than 20 chess events and 12 national federations and in the year of 2007, he will visit and consult around 25 national federations, particularly in Latin America and Africa for exchanging views and collecting suggestions. Among the important practical tasks for FIDE, he mentioned the amendment of the Statutes, the revision of the membership, the increased activity of the work of the Commissions and Committees, more intense consulting with the professional players on playing conditions etc., and a more efficient communication of FIDE toward and with the chess players, international sport organizations, global chess audience and IOC. In the last respect, he emphasized the importance of the forthcoming meeting with Mr. J. Rogge, President of IOC. A special part of his speech was devoted to the most important chess events of the year, the World Chess Championship process, which will culminate in Mexico City in September-October this year.

2. World Championship Match proposal (separate announcement)

3. World Chess Championship Tournament in Mexico City

The Presidential Board listened to and approved the report of the Organizer regarding the preparation for the World Chess Championship tournament to be held on September 11 – October 1st, 2007 in Mexico City. All the key conditions in the contract have been fulfilled, the website of the event is:

The Presidential Board gladly took note of the announcement that current World Chess Champion, Mr. Vladimir Kramnik will play in the Mexico City tournament. A special committee has been established for reviewing the processes of the world chess championship system. The committee will forward its report on the options of improving and stabilizing the system as well as its recommendation to the President for decision after gaining the views of about 160 top chess players and the national federations. The decision will come in due course that all the players be prepared for the next WCCh cycle.

4. World Cup 2007

The final contract between FIDE and the Organizer of the World Cup 2007 to be held in Khanty-Mansiysk region has been signed. The preparation for the 2007 event has been made in the proper manner and the Cup will take place at November 23-December 14th, 2007 in Ugra, Siberia, Russia. The website of the 2007 World Cup is:

5. Candidate Matches

The Candidate Matches will be held on May 26-June 14th, 2007 in Elista and sponsored jointly by the President and FIDE. The Presidential Board reviewed the Rules and Regulations of the Matches, the process of the preparation and the media plan for the event. The Internet communication channel can be found on the FIDE official website:

6. Other tournaments and bids for tournaments

The Presidential Board reviewed preparations and decided on bids regarding the following chess tournaments:
- Women`s World Team Chess Championship 2007 will be held on May 19-30th, 2007 in Yekaterinburg, Russia
- Women`s World Chess Championship 2008 will be held on March 8-25th, 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic
- World Junior Chess Championship 2008 will be held on August 2-16th, 2008 in Ankara, Turkey
- World Youth U-16 Chess Championship 2008 will be held on August 15-24th, 2008 in Ankara, Turkey
- World Amateur Chess Championship 2007 will be held on August 10-19th, 2007 in Predeal, Romania
- the Presidential Board set-up a committee to conduct on-site inspection regarding the offers of the 8 bidders for the World Youth Chess Championship 2009 and will present its recommendation to the next Executive Board/General Assembly meeting for final decision
- established a June 30th, 2007 deadline for submitting bids for the World Amateur Chess Championship 2008,
- established a December 31st, 2007 deadline for submitting bids for the World Junior Chess Championship 2009

7. Review of the 2006 Turin Chess Olympiad and the preparations for the 2010 Chess Olympiad

The Presidential Board reviewed the Turin 2006 Olympiad and drew conclusions regarding the quality of the organization, accommodation, the participation level, etc. The Board took note of the report that the preparations for the 2010 Chess Olympiad are in line with the time schedule and the contract was signed between FIDE and the organizer.

8. Development of FIDE Chess Academy

The Presidential Board reviewed the development of the Chess Academy and found it satisfactory, emphasizing the excellent work done in Singapore and further encouraged the people involved to extend the activities of the Chess Academy.

9. Title applications

The approved title applications can be seen of the official website:

10. Procedure for the Ethics Commission

In order to make the work of the Commission more effective, its chairman Mr. Rivello presented several modifications in the working procedure of the Commission. The Board decided for additional consultations before the changes can be introduced.

11. FIDE 2007 budget and administrative issues

The Board approved the budget for the year 2007 with the request to some Commissions and the PR and Marketing Directorate to modify their needs within the accepted limit.
The Presidential Board decided to open a branch FIDE office under the guidance of the General Secretary in Singapore.

12. Tournament regulations

The Presidential Board finalized the changes of the Tournament Regulations and Rules initiated at the Turin General Assembly meeting. The Rules will be in effect after July 1st, 2007 and can be soon downloaded from the FIDE website.

13. Global Chess company

The Presidential Board expressed its satisfaction that the initial meeting and discussion between FIDE and Global Chess company about the marketing and organization of world chess events were successful and that the company has been registered and the share-capital paid. The negotiations will continue between the representatives of FIDE and the company.

14. Greeting Honorary President Florencio Campomanes on his 80th birthday

The Presidential Board warmly greeted Mr. Florencio Campomanes, Honorary President on the occasion of his forthcoming 80th birthday and wished him good health, energy to be able to work for the interest of chess for a long time. A blitz tournament among the Board members has been organized to honor Mr. Campomanes.

Antalya, January 29th, 2007
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