Khanti Mansiysk Wins Olympiad 2010 Bid Print
Sunday, 04 June 2006 00:00
Khanti Mansiysk, Russia, won the hotly contested bid to host the Chess Olympiad 2010. The Siberian northern region of Ugra, well known to participants of last year's World Cup won over four other cities: Riga (Latvia), Poznan (Poland), Budva (Serbia and Montenegro) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Khanty-Mansiysk Governor Alexander Filipenko thanks the FIDE General Assembly for awarding the organization of the Chess Olympiad 2010 to Khanti Mansiysk, Russia.

It was a hotly contested bidding. Each of the five cities vying for the Chess Olympiad 2010, namely Riga (Latvia), Poznan (Poland), Budva (Serbia and Montenegro), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Khanti Mansiysk (Russia) hosted cocktails and gave video presentations.

Khanty Mansiysk and Poznan both had exhibition booths for the duration of the Turin Olympiad, showcasing the attractions of their cities.

For the first time in a Chess Olympiad, Budva offered cash prizes for the winners if they won the bid. Khanty Mansiysk did likewise and more. Governor Alexander Filipenko packaged two FIDE World Cup tournaments in 2007 and 2009 as a run-up to their Olympiad if they won the bid.

In the first round of voting, Khanti Mansiysk led with 45 votes, Buenos Aires 39, Budva 36, Riga 13 and Poznan 12.

Then in the second round of voting, Khanti Mansiysk had 53 followed by Budva with 46 and Buenos Aires with 38.

The final round saw Khanty Mansiysk garner 71 votes while Budva got 64 votes.
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