9th GM Lublin Union Memorial 2017 Print
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 12:08

Thanks to Lubelski Klub Szachowy and authorities of the municipality of Lublin, this year’s edition of the “European Chess Festival” saw a long-awaited GM round robin tournament (9th GM Lublin Union Memorial 2017) with 10 players representing four federations (Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Spain). The average rating of the event was 2444, and a rate of play was 90/40 + 30 min +30 sec/per move.

Four experienced grandmasters (Marcin Dziuba and Łukasz Cyborowski from Poland as well as Oleg Romanishin and Vladimir Sergeev from Ukraine) had to face young GM norm seekers. The tournament was held from 4th to 10th June, and the playing venue was located in the highest floor of the Crown Tribunal at Rynek 1 in Lublin.

All rounds were very attractive for chess funs due to many resultative games (60%) and a lot of tough-minded struggle at chessboards.

The tournament was finally conquered by the top-seed GM Marcin Dziuba (POL), who scored 7 points out of 9 games, and could even have achieved a better result had he exploited advantages in the games he eventually drawn. The runner-up was GM Oleg Romanishin (UKR) with 6 points, and the third place took GM Łukasz Cyborowski (POL) – 5,5 points.

Regrettably, neither player has managed to obtain GM/IM norms. Nevertheless, the youngest contestants, especially FM Igor Janik (17 years old) and IM Łukasz Jarmuła (19), surely deserved to be commended for their ambitious and uncompromising attitude. One can say “there’s luck in leisure”. The final rank is shown in the cross table below.

Place   Name Elo Fed. Pts
1 GM Dziuba Marcin 2550 POL 7
2 GM Romanishin Oleg 2448 UKR 6
3 GM Cyborowski Łukasz 2534 POL
4 IM Nguyen Piotr 2438 POL 5
5 FM Janik Igor 2422 POL
6 IM Jarmuła Łukasz 2444 POL
7 FM Molenda Marcin 2421 POL 4
8 FM Natsidis Christoph 2312 GER
9 GM Sergeev Vladimir 2446 UKR 3
10 IM Llaneza Vega Marcos 2424 ESP 2

The official website of the tournament: www.szachy.lublin.pl/arc2017

by Wojciech Krzyżanowski, Chief Arbiter

A clash between the winner GM Dziuba rightand the runner-up GM Romanishin left
A clash between the winner GM Dziuba (right) and the runner-up GM Romanishin (left)

A group photo of players arbiters andorganizers 
A group photo of players, arbiters and organizers

The event was held in the Crown Tribunal atRynek 1 in Lublin
The event was held in the Crown Tribunal at Rynek 1 in Lublin

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