Huge Success for the 2nd "Al Jabal Consultancy" Chess Cup - Bahrain Print
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 12:01

Huge Success for the 2nd "Al Jabal Consultancy" Chess Cup - Bahrain

Bahrain Chess Academy held the 2nd "AlJabal consultancy" Chess Cup for kids under 16 years old at St Christopher's School - Saar, the tournament was played according to the Swiss system from 9 rounds and each player had 10 minutes to end the game, the rounds started at 10 am in the morning till 4 in the evening in a tense but friendly atmosphere. All the players fought fiercely over the magic board of 64 squares to clinch the title, the competition supervised by Mohamed Tissir International Chess Master & FIDE Trainer.

Vishal Ramvelu from India was the overall winner with the perfect score of 9 points out of 9, Jaya Surya from India ­was the winner in the under-14 section, Yakov Cherian Thomas was the winner in the under-12 section, Barath Ramvelu won in the under-10 and Anish Vaman in the under-8 category.

In special prizes, Amrutha Lakshmi topped in the girl's section, William Osbourn best player from St Christopher's School, Isa Al Jowder best Bahraini player, and a special prize was given to the youngest participant Alhanoof Showaiter she's just 4 years and 11 months. total winners 34 players from different categories.

A special thanks to "Al Jabal Consultancy" for their generosity in supporting chess in Bahrain, and to all parents who stayed all day long supporting their kids.

Mr Ali Aljabal in his speech thanked the school for hosting this event and providing the kids an ideal environment to fully concentrate in the games, encouraging them to take advantage of this wonderful game, because playing chess results in better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking, and attention improvement. All of these benefits are directly related to the practice of chess, both in real-life and virtual environments. Adding that the participation of 127 players from 12 different countries and from private and public schools shows how successful this tournament was and also that chess is a universal language.

Information & eGovernment Authority Chief Executive Mr. Mohammed AlQaed, Mr Ed Goodwin OBE, Principal of St Christopher’s School and Ms Wendy Bataineh Head of Junior School, honored the closing ceremony with their presence and their speeches talking about chess and its benefits and that everyone is a winner and it's more about learning than winning.

Final Standings

competition underway




Bahrain TV was present and interviewed Mr Ali Al Jabal Sponsor of the event

Mr Mohamed Al Qaed CEO of Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority

Anish Vaman Champion of U08

Barath Ramvelu Champion of U10

Yakov Cherian Champion of U12

Jaya Surya Champion of U14

William Osbourn Champion of St Christopher's School

Isa Al Jowder best Bahraini player

Amrutha Lakshmi best Girl

Alhanoof Showaiter youngest participant, she's just 4 years and 11 months

over all winner
Vishal Ramvelu the overall winner with the perfect score of 9 points out of 9



Group Photo

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